(Minghui.org) A practitioner recently shared a vivid dream in which practitioners in Singapore were in a relay race. They were believed to be reaching consummation, or so they thought. After the race everyone cheered and celebrated the victory. A serious-looking goddess then appeared and said, “You failed.”

Everyone was shocked and did not know what to do. The goddess explained that an elderly practitioner had violated the relay rules at the very beginning. All the participants had seen the violation, but no one pointed it out because they thought that it had nothing to do with them.

When practitioners discussed the dream they agreed that the dream revealed a problem. In Singapore, most practitioners focus on doing the three things, but few help other practitioners. They are reluctant to point out problems they notice in other practitioners. This pointed out attachments to fear of getting into trouble, selfishness, and self-protection.

Taking Criticism as Opportunities to Look Within

Would working as one body be considered as a requirement to reach consummation? Are other practitioners responsible if some do not do well? How are the number of beings saved when a practitioner works alone compared to the innumerable beings saved when practitioners work and improve as one body?

A practitioner suggested after a group Fa study that everyone should share more instead of remaining quiet. He spoke up and others also shared their experiences.

I used to speak up and share my experiences, but recently I have remained silent. It was not because I didn’t have much to say... I did not want to speak up because I feared being criticized by other practitioners if I said something wrong. After an unpleasant past experience, I took it to heart instead of using the criticism as opportunities to look within and improve.

After realizing my shortcomings, I found the attachment to self-protection, fear, fame, and saving face. But I finally gathered the courage to talk about my experiences after a group Fa study. After speaking, I felt that I had improved in my cultivation and that some degenerated substances were removed from my being.

Lesson Learned

We established our Fa study group a little over a year ago and shared our experiences afterwards. At first we argued as we shared, but eventually everyone learned to exchange opinions rationally and peacefully. We are now able to focus more on how to look within without blaming others.

Practitioners pointed out problems they saw and were experiencing, and others offered their understandings based on the Fa, and we were able to agree with and accept each others’ differences. This allowed us to coordinate better in our Dafa work.

From these experience sharing sessions practitioners have learned how to listen to others, let go of self, be considerate, and help others. Compassion for fellow practitioners has emerged and problems have been solved through good communication and changed attitudes. We tried to leave no gaps for the evil to exploit.

Not everyone was able to talk in the large group Fa study session due to time constraints, but it was suggested smaller Fa study groups may be even better. This would bring about a more efficient study and allow everyone to share and help each other improve.

Cultivating Oneself

There have been invisible walls between the Singapore practitioners, and some have held grudges against those they had conflicts with. Some even stopped communicating. This happened between coordinators of major Dafa projects, and even members of the Falun Dafa Association. This situation has continued for months and years. It has interfered with coordination of practitioners and the progress of Dafa projects.

We noticed that the evil has tried to isolate those who are very capable in doing Dafa work and who are influential among practitioners. The evil magnifies their attachments to things such as showing off and fame. When practitioners became emotional and began to complain, the invisible wall between the practitioners grew and started to interfere with Dafa work.

Master said,

“Our students need to adjust their cultivation states, and from this day forth no longer go about cultivating with one eye on the coordinator. From now on you shouldn’t say another word about how well the coordinator does cultivating or leading people, and you shouldn’t cast your gaze toward him or her any longer. You need to get back to cultivating yourselves, and cultivate according to what I just said. You all need to do this now. Start cultivating yourselves.” (“Be More Diligent” from Teaching the Fa at the Conference X)

“So, regardless of the setting or circumstances in which you run into problems, you must maintain a compassionate and merciful heart in handling everything. If you cannot love your enemy, then you cannot reach Consummation.” (Teaching the Fa at the Fa Conference in Australia)

It is my hope that my fellow practitioners in Singapore can cultivate their speech and stop criticizing other practitioners behind their backs.

If we notice a problem, we can kindly point it out. We should eliminate any negative thoughts toward others and know that Dafa can change everything, and other practitioners will eventually do well.

Practitioners' thoughts carry energy, so we should thus stop throwing degenerated substances towards other practitioners. We should send more righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil that prevents us from forming one body and prevents coordinators and Falun Dafa Association members from doing their best. We should destroy the walls that the old forces have built around us. Let us form a force that can exert the greatest power for saving sentient beings.