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Improving Myself by Making Phone Calls to Clarify the Truth

December 04, 2018 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in Sweden

(Minghui.org) It has been more than two years since I immigrated to Sweden from China. Because there is no other Dafa truth-clarification project in my area, I make phone calls to the staff of the China Public Security Department.

I've improved my xinxing by making these phone calls. I have gotten rid of many bad thoughts and attachments and seen my xinxing improve and my cultivation mature.

When I first started making phone calls, I would get very angry when I was cursed at and start to argue. I would be anxious when my calls didn’t go through or I got hung up on. I got upset when I heard disturbing things on the calls.

At that time, I rarely thought about why the people I called cursed me. I mostly looked outside of myself and only occasionally looked inward.

In time, I realized that the other person's behavior was a reflection of my cultivation. Now I am used to looking inward most of the time.

I seized the opportunities to look inside, got rid of bad thoughts, rectified myself, and improved my xinxing. As long as I look inward, the other person's attitude will change and my phone call will be successful.

A Police Officer's Attitude Changes

I called a certain police officer 22 times. Out of those 22 calls, he answered 16 times and cursed at me 15 times.

Every time he would hang up only after he had finished cursing.

Master said: "...a practitioner should refrain from fighting back..." (The Fourth Talk, Zhuan Falun, 2018 Translation Version)

I thought, “He has really been deceived by the Party to use such vile language. Why does he have to swear like that? He is really pathetic. I am a practitioner, I should look inward.”

While I was looking inward, I called him, and I noticed that I was actually being competitive, that I didn't like criticism, that I only liked to hear praise, that I was impatient, and so on. Not only that, I realized that I had not let go of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) culture.

As long as I got through to him, I spoke calmly. When I dialed the 16th time, I really couldn't believe my ears.

He answered quietly and said, “Do you think I am a good guy? Then you can continue, and I will listen.”

For 12 minutes I explained the facts about Falun Dafa to him, how it has spread to more than 100 countries around the world, about the “ Tiananmen self-immolation” hoax, what evil things the CCP has done, and about the large number of practitioners that have been and still are victims of forced organ harvesting.

He listened quietly and said, “I understand everything you said. You are telling me all this for my own good.” Finally, he wrote down the website and WeChat account that could help him circumvent the internet firewall and the reporting phone number for the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Dafa.

He asked, “Do you still have more to tell me? Will you call me later?” and expressed his gratitude.

He literally went from swearing a blue streak to wanting to hear the truth.

Master said,

'Similarly, your field could have the power to alter any improper thoughts that might be going through the mind of someone immoral who is in your presence. Or it might cause someone who was about to use foul language to change his or her mind suddenly and not do so. But this is only possible with the field of energy that comes from doing true spiritual practice. You should now be able to understand a religious saying that goes, “Bathed in divine light, conduct and thought become right.”' (The Third Talk, Zhuan Falun, 2018 Translation Version)

Thanks to Master's [Li Hongzhi] compassion, this policeman suddenly changed his attitude and wanted to hear the truth.

Looking Inward

I remember I once made 26 phone calls to the same police station. First, a female officer picked up. She was impatient and threatened to report me, and she hung up on me several times.

Later, a male officer answered a few times and kept swearing.

Master said: "...having your heart unaffected you will be able to handle all situations." (“Eliminate Your Last Attachment(s),” Essentials for Further Advancement II)

I told myself not to be affected, not to let my heart be moved, and that the police are also victims who've been poisoned and deceived.

So that they could hear me better, I deliberately spoke more slowly and was extra cordial as I looked inward to see where there might be problems.

Because their behavior is a mirror for me, I know that I should look inward when encountering things such as the first officer's impatience.

As I thought about it, I realized that I was occasionally impatient when speaking with my family members. They even pointed this out to me, but I did not take it seriously.

When the male officer cursed me, it helped me find my competitive mentality and my attachment to saving face and self-respect.

While I was rectifying myself, the two officers changed their attitude and started to listen. The man no longer swore. After I talked for 17 minutes, the policewoman said sincerely, “I certainly will not persecute Falun Dafa.”

A Process of Genuine Cultivation

Every call is a process of genuine cultivation and an opportunity to look inward.

I remember that there were two lists of eight phone numbers each. When I worked on the first list, every call went through. The first six calls on the second list also connected.

Then I calculated that, if the last two calls connected, that would be 100%. However, I dialed the last two numbers more than 10 times but couldn't connect. I realized that it was the result of my zealotry.

It seemed that my goal had become the connection rate instead of telling people the facts about Dafa. My wrong thought caused two calls to be blocked.

After I realized this, I immediately sent righteous thoughts to the two phone numbers. While sending righteous thoughts, I re-dialed, and the two calls quickly went through.

Master said, “You put in the effort and your teacher will handle the rest.” (The First Talk, Zhuan Falun, 2018 Translation Version).

There is really no small thing in cultivation, so we should take cultivation seriously. I still remember two people who answered my calls but they spoke in a local dialect I couldn’t understand, and there was no way for us to communicate.

I thought, “How can I communicate with them?” I calmed down and looked inside. I realized that I had been speaking too fast and I didn’t consider the feelings of the other person. Then I wondered, “Was it the same for the people in my area, that they can’t understand what I say?”

I also asked myself why I was talking so fast. I realized that I was afraid that the other party would hang up and not have a chance to hear the truth about Falun Dafa ever again if they didn't answer my call.

This was also an attachment of fear, and the speed was also an attachment of being anxious. These attachments had to be relinquished.

When I found these attachments, I called again, and somebody again answered in a local dialect. When I asked him if he could speak Mandarin, he switched right away and we could communicate! Looking inward is really a magical tool.

Current State of Cultivation

My personal understanding is that every call is a test of my current state of cultivation. The other party's behavior reflects it like a mirror.

When I encounter issues, I look inward to find my shortcomings in cultivation. When I find them, I get rid of them and rectify myself.

Dialing each number is a self-cultivation process, an opportunity for improvement, and a space for sublimation. In fact, I only dial the phone on the surface.

Whether or not someone answers and how long they listen are just superficial. It is all done by Master. Master has given me this opportunity to let me improve myself and accrue virtue.