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China Fahui | Police Officers Stood in a Row to Send Us Off

November 14, 2018 |   By a Falun Dafa Practitioner in Hebei Province, China

(Minghui.org) My fellow practitioners and I were posting truth clarification posters on the street around midnight on March 22, 2016, when local police officers arrested us. After being held for more than three hours, we were eventually released. Though three hours doesn't sound like a long time, it was a test of life and death for me. I started cultivating in Dafa in 2006. I deeply felt that I was being strengthened by Master during the whole process. I witnessed how the greatness of Dafa has changed the police officers and I personally experienced the power of compassion.

On the night before we planned to put up the posters, I had a lucid dream in which four little boys pulled at me. I tried to get rid of them, but couldn't. As soon as I got away from one, another one came and tightly grabbed my arms and wouldn't let me go. I felt so anxious and helpless that I woke up. I was surprised by the dream, but I thought I was doing well in my cultivation and coordination with my two fellow practitioners, so I didn't pay much attention to the dream. Thinking back, I realized Master used the dream to warn me about this incident.

Before we got started, we sent forth righteous thoughts for half an hour as usual. My righteous thoughts were pure and strong. We set off at 11:00 p.m. as planned. All three of us worked well together. Anya drove the car and found good locations to stop. Belen put glue on the posters. I'm the youngest and fastest, so I got out of the car to hang the posters. Belen had complained that her right arm was in pain and that she couldn't bend it before we started, but the moment she started putting glue on the posters, her pain stopped; her arm could bend easily.

Anya stopped the car about 50 meters past a crossing and signaled to us that the wall next to the road was a good spot for posters. I quickly got out of the car and got started. However, I heard Belen's cry, “Hurry! Come back! The police!” I ran back to the car, but a police car had blocked our way before I could close the door. Two officers shouted at us and searched our car. After finding a big stack of posters, they made a phone call. Four officers came in two cars and wanted to take us away.

Anya stayed calm and explained to the officers what we were doing. But they refused to listen and demanded that we go to the police station with them. We refused to get in the police car because we weren't criminals, but agreed to follow them in our car. Two police cars drove to the police station with our car in between. Belen reminded us to send forth righteous thoughts.

As soon as we entered the police station, all the policemen started to get busy as if facing formidable enemies. We were taken to a big room. They took pictures and videos of us, interrogated us and recorded our answers. There were police officers all over the room and hallway.

We weren't afraid. We thought that since all three of us had filed lawsuits against Jiang Zemin in 2015, we openly told them our names and where we worked. We were determined to validate Dafa and show all the police officers what kind of people Falun Dafa practitioners are.

Our thoughts must have met the requirement of Dafa. As soon as we told them our names and where we worked, their attitude changed immediately. I could tell from their eyes. Because of the Chinese Communist Party's deceiving propaganda, the officers had viewed Falun Dafa practitioners as marginalized people. All three of us looked neatly dressed, well educated and gently mannered. During the video recording, we didn't look intimidated but talked openly and stately about the facts of Falun Dafa, including its spread around the world and the more than 200,000 lawsuits filed against Jiang Zemin, the former leader of the communist party who initiated the persecution.

About an hour later, they asked us to get into a police car and wanted to send us to a different police station. Again, we insisted that we hadn't done anything wrong and said that we must drive our own car. In the end, they didn't force us to get into a police car.

We were separated into three rooms at the police station. I did have strong righteous thoughts when I was with my fellow practitioners, but they weakened when I was alone. Negative thoughts began to enter my mind. I immediately realized that I must send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate anything negative.

A young officer interrogated me. He showered me with many questions including when I had started practicing Falun Dafa, why, and why I had insisted on practicing it against the government's order. He threw these questions at me one after another. I didn't know how to answer them immediately.

When I began to think of our compassionate Master and my mission, my mind became clear. I treated the officer as someone who had longed for salvation and as a family member that I hadn't seen for a long time. At that moment, compassion naturally arose from the bottom of my heart. Slowly and kindly, I told him the confusions I used to have about life, the profoundness of Falun Dafa, the true meaning of life, and the positive roles Dafa practitioners play in today's society. The officer was fully absorbed.

I told him about a fellow practitioner pediatrician who has superb medical expertise and a noble character. When her patients' family members gave her red bags with money in them, she would keep them temporarily so that her patients' families would feel assured she would take good care of the patients. As soon as her patients got close to being released from the hospital, she would use the money to pay for their medical expenses.

The young officer was deeply touched. He asked, “Is there truly such a great doctor?” I answered, “Yes, there is. Falun Dafa practitioners work in all professions. They are correcting the wrongs in their own professions. Every one of them is like this doctor!”

He said, “I also have many questions about life. I'm very bothered by my confusions. Since you have told me about it, I must read the book Zhuan Falun!” The door opened at this time. The assistant director of the police station came in and called the young man out. I realized I had broken through the test that night!

The young officer came in again after a short while and told me, “You can go home now.” By this time, going home wasn't on my mind. All I could think of was how to save people. I went out of the room and found that my two fellow practitioners were already waiting for me outside. They must have done a better job than me! The seemingly hard tribulation had been dissolved by the compassion we had cultivated according to Dafa.

As we started the car, I turned around and found all the police officers in the station were standing in a row to send us off. Tears came to my eyes. They were the ones who had arrested us and interrogated us, yet they were also as close as our families!

Thank you, compassionate, great Master! Thank you, fellow practitioners!