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Exercising to Improve Health

January 06, 2018 |   By Falun Dafa practitioners in China

(Minghui.org) People could hear peaceful music coming from the area of the pond of a Hebei Province village this summer. People stopped and saw Dafa practitioners doing the Dafa exercises.

There are four Falun Dafa practitioners in the village, who continue to practice Falun Dafa despite the persecution. They persist in bringing awareness of the persecution and the truth about this cultivation practice to the villagers. They live a harmonious family life and are kind and considerate. Two of them are in their 70's and still very healthy.

An elderly man was very frail and caught every cold or flu. Despite visiting the local clinic often for treatment, he found little relief. He had learned that the practitioners were very healthy and asked them to teach him the Dafa exercises. Just by doing the exercises, his health improved and he got stronger!

An older lady was diagnosed with soft tissue growth, thus she also began exercising with the group. She was amazed that after just a few days of exercising, the growths were shrinking!

Many more people joined the group after witnessing the benefits the practitioners experienced from the Dafa cultivation practice. When the practitioners were asked what they were doing, they replied: “We are exercising to improve our health.”

Quitting the CCP With One's Real Name

A gentleman approached me one day. He looked very healthy, strong, and to be in his 50s. He told me that he was 75 years old.

“When I was young,” he said, “I was the village secretary. I witnessed all sorts of campaigns by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and many people suffered a lot. During the cultural revolution, we were ordered to demolish the Guanyin Temple, I was afraid of retribution, but the village director was eager to do it. He had a serious accident shortly after that, and everyone commented that he was punished for demolishing the temple.”

He continued: “I worked for the CCP all my life, but I was never corrupt like others, and continued to follow traditional principles. I want to quit the CCP with my real name.”