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Two Miracles I Witnessed

September 10, 2017 |   By a practitioner from Heilongjiang Province, China

(Minghui.org) I started to cultivate Falun Dafa in 1999. Following Master on this journey, I have witnessed many miracles. I would like to share two of them.

Unhurt by High-voltage Electricity

Another practitioner and I went out to distribute materials and put up posters. We saw a utility pole for an overhead electrical line at a busy spot and tried to put up a poster on it. My left hand accidentally touched a wire that had no insulation. Colorful sparks zapped my hand. I wasn’t afraid, but I had to pull my left hand from the wire with my right. Then I put the poster up on the pole.

I left. A few minutes later, my left hand hurt like there were needles poking it. But the pain disappeared a short time later, and I felt fine. I looked back and saw the wire was connected to a high-voltage transmission tower. I thanked Master for protecting me.

A Wonderful Place

I visited a wonderful place in another dimension. It was a sacred place full of flowers. I heard music from far away and many small pink flower petals floated toward me. They were very fragrant. The petals lifted me up and took me to a beach, where divine beings were singing “Falun Dafa is good.” They all looked young. They welcomed me.

The ocean was boundless and very calm and smelled sweet. Far out in the sea, I saw several gold islands supported by giant gold lotus flowers. The islands radiated gold light. A gold pavilion on a giant flower floated to the beach. There were many different kinds of fruit on the table in the pavilion. A divine being invited me to enjoy them. I told him that I needed to go back to the human world, because I had to do the three things with Master, that many people are waiting for me to be saved, and I needed to fulfill my oath.

I told them to remember “Falun Dafa is good.” They nodded. They wished me tremendous success.

This is just part of what I saw. Many wonderful things cannot be described with words.

With Master's protection, I have walked on the path of cultivation till today. I will do the three things well and save more people, cultivating diligently.

Thank you, Master. Thank you, fellow practitioners. Thank you, Minghui editors. You have been working hard.