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162 Falun Gong Practitioners from Xinbin County Harassed By the Authorities

August 10, 2017 |   By a Minghui correspondent from Liaoning Province, China

(Minghui.org) Police and officials have been participating in a nationwide campaign targeting Falun Gong practitioners, prior to the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) 19th National Congress later this autumn.

Officers from the Xinbin County Police Department and the police stations in villages and towns within Xinbin County, Liaoning Province, began a new campaign of harassing Dafa practitioners in April 2017. Some village and community officials have also participated.

In many cases the police did not show their identification or provide a search warrant. They asked the practitioners if they were still practicing Falun Gong, and recorded their responses. They either videotaped the conversation or took photos of the practitioners without their consent. Some demanded that the practitioners sign or put their fingerprint on the police documents.

Officers had lists of the names of practitioners who were identified as practicing Falun Gong before the persecution began in July 1999, as well as lists of names of practitioners who had filed criminal complaints against former Chinese leader Jiang Zemin, for initiating the persecution.

According to statistics compiled by the Minghui website, 162 Falun Gong practitioners from Xinbin County were harassed, including seven who were called by the police via phone, and 11 who stopped practicing Falun Gong. This campaign is ongoing.

Several Cases of Harassment

Mr. Sun Haifeng Harassed at the Market

Three officers from the Xinbin Town Police Station went to the Henan Market on April 1, 2017. They approached Mr. Sun Haifeng, who was selling goods, and asked him if he was still practicing Falun Gong.

“You have been persecuting me non-stop for years,” Mr. Sun responded. “When will it end?”

One of the officers replied,” You asked for it.”

“Who am I hurting?” questioned Mr. Sun.

The officers told him that they were only checking on him. Then they left.

Ms. Sun Guizhi and Her Family Harassed

Ms. Sun Guizhi's daughter received a phone call from the Xinbin Town Police Station in May 2017. The officer asked whether her mother still practiced Falun Gong. Her daughter was scared, and immediately hung up the phone. She then told her father about the call.

Ms. Sun's husband and daughter were afraid that the police would arrest her, so they did not allow Ms. Sun to leave their home or have any contact with others. Ms. Sun's husband could not sleep at night and developed high blood pressure, due to stress.

A police officer went to Ms. Sun's home about a month later. Ms. Sun told the officer that she had recovered from many chronic illnesses by practicing Falun Gong. The officer walked around her home, recording with a video camera. Then he left.

Ms. Liu Meiling Harassed

Three police officers and two officials from Hongmiaozi Township burst into Ms. Liu Meiling's home in Yingying Village. They did not show any legal documentation, and ransacked the place.

Ms. Liu held her Falun Gong books tightly to her chest, but the officers snatched them from her arms. They said, “You are the only one in the village who still practices. If you continue we will take you to the Nangou Detention Center.”

“I was in poor health, but now I am healthy thanks to Falun Gong,” replied Ms. Liu. “I will continue to practice. It is not good for you to persecute practitioners.”

She refused to sign their documents.

List of Practitioners Recently Harassed

Xinbin Town (39 practitioners) -

Sun Haifeng, Wang Yumei, Wang Guihua, Liu Guilan, Li Guikun, Zhao Shuqin, Zhao Jiwei, Sun Huizhi, Yu Shubin, Hu Shaolie, Zhang Guixia, Meng Xianhua, Tong Yanbing, Su Weixia, Hong Xiaoyan, Sui Shuya, Mu Baoren, Chen Lihua, Yu Shuxian, Zhao Danshan, Tang, Gao Xinghui, Zhou Fenghe, Wu Guiqin, Peng Yujing, Jin Shunshi, Cui Qingke, Zhang Weicai, Yang Shuping, Na Suyan, Wang Aijun, Yin Shuqin, You Shuli, Guo Qinglan, Guo Qingfeng, Guan Baoxia, Cao Shufeng, Jin Guilan, and Liu Changying.

Hongsheng Township (7 practitioners) -

Zhang Guilan, Wu Tianying, Pan Xiuying, Jian Xiurong, Lu Jie, Liu Guohua, and Sun Liyan.

Hongmiaozi Township (5 practitioners) -

Jiang Fu, Liu Hua, Mu Baoqin, Luo, and Liu Meiling.

Nanzamu Town (10 practitioners) -

Wang Yingping, Wang Youting, Chen Guimin, Zhou Shumei, Li Tianjie, Zhang Hui, Liang Fengying, Han, Xie Keyi, and Pei Dongzhi.

Shangjiahe Town (17 practitioners) -

Liu Xiuqin, Wang Yurong, Wang Yuxian, Yang Yujie, Wu Baoqiu, Cai Kegui, Han Dong, Gao Fengyun, Yu Shifang, Fu Lianxiang, Wang Zhongyi, Jiang Huancai, Li Guifeng, Wu Wanpeng, Li Fengzhi, Liu Guomei, and Wang Shuqin

Muqi Town (17 practitioners) -

Peng Lizhong, Xia Shumei, Xu Qingzhi, Li Zhanghai, Wang Ailian, Sun Guilan, Zhou Weiping, Zhou Maolan, Wei Shumei, Wei Shuyan, Xue Junying, Li Shaohua, Chang Diankui, Wang Dexiang, Yin Yuqin, Wang Jinhua, and Wu Fengyan.

One of the harassing police officers: Du Jinde (杜金德).

Yongling Town (6 practitioners) -

Liu Yan, Zhang Chunfu, Feng Guizhen, Liu Ya, Gong Shulan, and Sun Changfu.

One of the harassing police officers: Cao Zhixin (曹志信).

Beisiping Town (3 practitioners) -

Liu Fengmei, Chi Guangfu, and Wang Xilan.

Xiajiahe Town (11 practitioners) -

Wei Yongli, Meng Zhaofeng, Quan Shuqing, Meng Zhaoxia, Song Zhimin, Li Chunmei, Xu Xianzhi, Meng Li, Cui Fengyan, Zhi Xingguo, and Xu.

Three of the harassing police officers: Cui Zhenyao (崔振尧), Zhang Cheng (张成), Xiao Yan (小严).

Dasiping Town (8 practitioners) -

Cui Chenglan, Ma Hongxia, Liu Mei, Wang Yan, Liu Dechun, Ji Wenmei, Chu Xia, and Cui Demin.

One of the harassing police officers: Zhao Linyi (赵林义).

Weiziyu Town (9 practitioners) -

Dai Yanan, Lu Jinmei, Hao Guofeng, Lu Jinying, Shi Yongyun, Liu Yanjie, Zhao Suqin, Liu Yumei, and Xie Gui.

Pingdingshan Town (12 practitioners) -

Liu Yuyan, Wang Taoyan, Ma Yulian, Ma Liange, Ma Zhizhong, Ma Zhiliang, Chen Hong, Wang Shufen, Wang Kefen, Wang Taoling, Wang Liye, and Feng Shuzhen.

Practitioners Who Were Harassed Via Phone (7 practitioners) -

Sun Yulian, Xu Xiqiu, Song Qiuhong, Chi Yuxiang, Li Honglan, Liu Yuzhen, and Wang Zhongsheng.

Harassed Practitioners Who Stopped Practicing Falun Gong (11 practitioners) -

Liu Fengxia, Wu Yuexin, Yang Yanjie, Guo You, Liu Chunxiang, Yan Tao, Wu Lianxiang, Liu Mingzhen, Yuan Xiujie, Wang Chuanyu, and Sun Jiyou.