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Eradicating Lust, Desire, and Emotion

July 24, 2017 |   By a Falun Gong practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) I realized that when the time to cast aside the attachment to lust and desire arrives, even one unwavering thought or one look can be critical.

Although most of the time I can control myself, I still sometimes glance at the opposite sex. I am a cultivator trying to achieve consummation, so human lust and desire should no longer be an issue for me.

I understand that humans reproduce through sexual contact, which Gods consider to be extremely low level. As such, I would be contaminated if I held just one thought that contains desire and lust.

These substances will contaminate and trap cultivators, as they are different from what society imagines. For cultivators, they are demons.

When I reached the standard of a practitioner, I knew that these attachments should be no longer in my mind. If one just keeps one thought relating to desire and lust, one will be interfered with.

Emotions Are Demons for Cultivators

Another demon for a cultivator is more difficult to detect—that of emotion. 

There are many reasons that lead to different types of emotions, such as being old friends, having past relationships, and just being friendly. The same holds true between two people with similar personalities or who have the same hobbies or goals in life. A greater problem could result when emotions lead to sexual temptation.

These emotions strengthen desire and lust among people of the opposite sex. In my mind, it affects people like a drug, which turns into a trap, fueling desire.

One of the drug’s manifestations is to strengthen and satisfy desires, which arouses one’s nerves, sensory organs, and sensations of pleasure. This drug’s goal is to corrupt humans and send them on a downward spiral toward death.

Lust and desire should alert a cultivator to take note, while emotions are far more difficult to discern. One should be neither moved nor filled with emotion. Emotion can be aroused by thinking one person is good while another is not. Such things should not occupy a cultivator’s mind.

Lust and desire will not exist if a cultivator takes control of his or her emotions. Whatever the human notion, lust and desire should be completely eliminated.

I know I am walking on the path toward godhood and should not be affected by these factors. Relinquishing selfishness and instead thinking about saving sentient beings are righteous thoughts that help eliminate such attachments.