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How I Eliminated My Attachment to Fear

June 20, 2017 |   By a Falun Gong practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) I used to avoid reading reports about how the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) persecuted fellow Falun Gong practitioners. I was afraid that reading them would make me even more fearful than I already was.

When a practitioner family member was arrested, I had to deal with police officers, prosecutors, and judges. I often felt intimidated. Moreover, I realized that I was not very good at explaining the facts about the persecution of Falun Gong.

I later downloaded and organized relevant articles from the Minghui website. I also read articles pertaining to Chinese law, policy, and law enforcement accountability.

I used some of this information when writing letters to the authorities, and to more effectively raise awareness in public.

Since most governmental officials blindly follow the CCP's orders, they don't care about the benefits that Falun Gong brings to its practitioners.

However, when you tell them that they will be held accountable for their wrongdoings in the future, they suddenly become more interested in what you have to say.

Writing Letters and Making Phone Calls

I initially wrote letters and made phone calls to various judicial personnel. After I finally eliminated my attachment to fear, I talked to them face-to-face, which had a much better effect.

I mailed out about 40 letters addressed to a detained family member, many of which were undelivered. Knowing that the letters would be opened up and read by the detention center staff, I used this opportunity to clarify the facts.

The presiding judge in a family member's case instructed our lawyer to inform me that if I didn't stop mailing letters to the detention center, I could face charges. I assumed that the letters were handed over to the police or the 610 Office.

When I made phone calls to the different judicial departments, I first asked them about my family member's case, and then breached the topic of law enforcement accountability. When they noticed that I was well versed in the law, they didn't dare try to intimidate me.

I also told them about the persecution of Falun Gong and the consequences of participating in it. I pointed out that the CCP's ongoing campaign against corruption in China is actually targeting those individuals who are involved in the persecution.

Before I ended my calls, I explained the benefits of practicing Falun Gong and sited numerous examples from my own personal experience, as well as how others had recovered from cancer and other debilitating diseases.

I discovered that law enforcement personnel were clueless about the letter of the law in China and simply followed the directives handed down from upper-level authorities. They blindly believed the anti-Falun Gong propaganda disseminated by the regime. Many prosecutors spew the same lies that are put out by the state-controlled media.

A head intermediate court judge in my city claimed that he was simply following government policy when sentencing Falun Gong practitioners. When I asked what specific policy he was referring to, he became frustrated and angrily hung up the phone.

“I'd Like to Chat With You More In the Future”

One day, I visited the vice head of a local police substation that occasionally arrests practitioners. After showing him proof of the illegal nature of the persecution, he said, “I know that the persecution is unlawful.”

I said to him, “Since there is also no official government policy stating that practicing Falun Gong is illegal, what's your basis for persecuting Falun Gong practitioners?”

“Thought,” he said. “The regime simply cannot allow you to practice Falun Gong.” I realized that he truly understood the evil nature of the regime, which claims to rule by the letter of the law, while carrying out a totally illegal persecution.

I then took out a newspaper that I had brought with me, and pointed to three highlighted areas. He exclaimed, “Each of these points are related to religions, not Falun Gong!”

I then asked, “Then why is Falun Gong being defamed as a religion, when it is clearly not?” He was speechless and his attitude towards me softened.

I explained that people in the city are infuriated with the police for arresting kind-hearted practitioners. When he told me that he was “just following orders,” I told him that in the future he would be held accountable for his actions.

He appeared frustrated and measured his blood pressure three times during our one-hour conversation. He then opened up his drawer and showed me numerous prescription drugs that he was taking daily.

I said, “You are ill because you are actively participating in the persecution.” He replied, “It's my job. I need to make money!” I told him he could perform his duties without directly taking part in the persecution.

When I got up to leave, he said, “I'd like to chat with you more in the future.”

All of these experiences helped me to eliminate my attachment to fear. I also came to realize that many people had intimidated me in the past due to my fear-based mentality.

As my righteous thoughts strengthened, it became easier to clarify the truth to the people in the judicial system. I harbored no anger, hatred, or fighting mentality towards anyone.