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[Celebrating World Falun Dafa Day] Recovery from Paralysis of Late-Stage Tuberculosis after Four Months of Falun Gong Practice

May 21, 2017 |   By a Dafa practitioner in Pingdu, Shandong Province, China

(Minghui.org) I am a 65-year-old farmer from Pingdu City, Shangdong Province in China. I was diagnosed with late-stage tuberculosis in 1999. Most of my lungs were in a state of deterioration. The hospital declared there was nothing they could do. They advised my family to prepare for my funeral.

I was so fortunate to find Falun Dafa in 2002. In less than half a year, Master purified my body and granted me a new life. Fifteen years have since passed and I am still living life full of joy and vitality.

Late Stage Tuberculosis Threw Me Into a State of Despair

I was married at age 26. Three years later, my physical health started deteriorating. I was zapped of energy, with non-stop coughing. Five years later, my condition worsened. I even started to cough up blood.

The hospital diagnosed me with tuberculosis and recommended hospitalization. Doctors advised my family to prepare lots of nutritional food for my consumption.I was a father of two. The older one was six years old and the younger one only two. We barely had enough food to get by.

The doctors sent my wife home to take care of the kids and offered to take care of me in the hospital. There I stayed for a total of five months.

When I was released, the kindhearted doctors reminded me over and over, “Don’t do any work to exert yourself. You must just go home and relax.”

And so, the weight of the whole family fell heavily on my wife’s shoulders.Some 20 years later, during the first half of 1998, I began to have high fevers and my coughs brought up traces of blood. I thought it was just some kind of throat inflammation and wasn’t too concerned. So, I merely took some anti-inflammatory drugs.

The fevers and coughs didn’t go away. I consulted with several local hospitals but doctors couldn’t find what was wrong.

Later, the high fevers stayed and the cough brought forth serious blood. My chest felt tight. My throat felt suffocated. That’s when I realized how serious my condition was.

My family urged me to have a comprehensive exam at a large hospital. The diagnosis was late-stage tuberculosis. The doctors told my daughter to have me hospitalized. After about two months, my condition stabilized and I went home.

That happened multiple times. Each time, I got worse. That dragged on for more than a year.

In the spring of 1999, I coughed up inordinate amounts of blood and experienced fainting spells.

One day in the fall of the same year when everybody was out, I felt hungry so I ate a salted bun I found. It had been over a decade since I'd had any salt. About 10 minutes after I finished the bun, I was unable to move.

Then, I started to cough up mouthfuls of blood. That carried on for about half an hour until I lost consciousness.

In the hospital, doctors discovered that my lungs had deteriorated to the state of cobwebs, a condition known as fibrosis.

They declared me inoperable, and even if surgery was possible, we couldn’t afford it. Our family savings had been exhausted. My wife finally had to ask for help from relatives and friends. Our debts were getting high.

I was sent unceremoniously home to wait for death. The doctors would give me injections and medications to maintain my condition.

At home, I couldn’t lie down because I couldn’t breathe that way. For four years, from 1999 to 2002, I had not slept prone on my bed.

My 5’8” frame was reduced to about 80 pounds. I couldn’t do anything on my own. It was my wife and children who took care of everything, including attending to all my bodily functions.

I was in such a fragile state, even the doctors began to be reluctant about coming to my home to give me injections.

All those years, I saw my wife slowly getting worn out and I looked at myself passing each day as if it were a year. I was aware I was dragging my family down. Despair filled my thoughts. I felt helpless and hopeless.

I truly wanted to end my life and had indeed made suicide attempts a few times but was always discovered and rescued in time.

Falun Dafa Saved Me and Master Gave Me a New Pair of Lungs

April 22, 2002 is a day that will forever be etched in my memory. It was the day I was given a new life.

That day, my wife met a Falun Dafa practitioner. News of my sickness and desperate condition had by then been spread far and wide. The Dafa practitioner persuaded my wife to let me practice Falun Gong.

He gave her a set of truth-clarification audiotapes full of stories about Falun Dafa and how it is welcomed and embraced all over the globe.

I took the videotapes with reluctance since I had already basically given up on myself, but I listened to the amazing stories and felt very good.

The next day, the Dafa disciple came to my house and talked to me in detail about Falun Dafa. I listened to him intently and felt great warmth and brightness coursing through my body.

Before he left, he presented me with Falun Dafa’s main text Zhuan Falun and a videotape of Master’s lectures.

After I had listened to Master’s lectures for two days, I stopped coughing up blood. Then, I gradually got better and better.

Soon, practitioners came to my house to teach me the first, second, third and fourth exercises. The practitioners hoped that I could go out soon. One of them said to me, “If you want to learn the fifth exercise, come to my house.”

One evening in 2002 when I was asleep with my feet sticking out of the blanket as usual, I saw Master approach me and felt him pat my feet to signal me to get up.

Master took me out of my house. I felt my body floating off the ground. Soon we arrived at a field where a circle of Buddhas, Taos, and Gods were already sitting. I found an empty space and sat down.

Master stood in front of me, looked at me, and began to slowly move His hands back and forth, first horizontally and then vertically, across my chest and down to my feet. His hands were so comfortably warm.

Then, Master said to me, “You are fine now. Your Celestial Eye is open too. You can go.”

When I woke up, I told my wife, “I am all right. I have recovered. Master moved His hands across my chest and gave me a new pair of lungs. He also moved His hands all the way to my feet. I know I can get up and walk now.”

So, I did my best to get out of bed and relearn walking, one ginger step after another ginger step, until I could walk a distance of several hundred feet in three to four days.

When I walked out of my house, the neighbors were shocked. They knew I had been bedridden for four long years.

When they learned that I was alive because of Falun Dafa, they unanimously agreed, “Falun Dafa is truly miraculous! Truly amazing!”

One day four months later, after the autumn harvest was over, practitioners invited me to go to a practitioner's home ten miles away to study the teachings of Dafa and share experiences.

Despite some initial uncertainty and hesitation from me and concern and worry from my family, I secretly pleaded for Master's help and support so I could make the journey successfully. I set out for the practitioner’s house ten miles away and arrived there without a hitch.

Another miracle happened. I had not ridden my bicycle for over a decade, but, several days later when I went to the practitioner’s house again, I decided to ride my bike and did it as if riding in a gentle breeze.

I am fully enjoying the second life Master has granted me.

Master Taught Me to Read Zhuan Falun

Ever since I started on the path of Falun Dafa, Master opened my Celestial Eye and I saw many things.

After practicing Falun Gong for seven or eight days, Master’s fashen, with a headful of blue curly hair and wearing a yellow cassock, visited me at my home.

I didn’t know it was Master then, since I had never set eyes on Master before.

However, some time later, I saw the same apparition. That time, all of a sudden, I knew it was Master as I remembered watching the videotape where Master was doing His big hand signs before His lectures.

I grew up in a poor family and had not attended a day of school. At the beginning, I could only listen to Master’s lectures from the videotapes or have my family read to me from the book.

When we came together to study the Fa in a group, I had to pass when it was my turn to read. I held the text Zhuan Falun in front of me and could see every word shining in all shades of red, orange, green, blue, indigo, and purple, but I could not say the words.

I felt very bad and secretly resolved that I must learn to read.

Master took note of my determination. One spring morning in 2003, I opened Zhuan Falun and vaguely realized that Master was standing right next to me. Master helped me read each word from the book.

Master taught me continuously for three long years until I was able to read every single word in His main text and His other writings.
What I related above are all my personal experiences. I truly hope that my story can help those people who are still lost in the maze of this world to hurry up to understand and accept the truth about Falun Dafa, so that all can choose a good and bright future.