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A Promise

April 08, 2017 |  

(Minghui.org) When I was a student, my favorite motto was that a person must keep his promises. Even a good everyday person would set such a requirement for himself. So, as a Dafa disciple, who has cultivated for 19 years, I often remind myself on this point.

When I thought of this issue, I once had a dream, in which my late parents came to me. They both practiced Dafa. But shortly after they started cultivation, the persecution was launched. They were harassed, arrested, and detained many times. My family was broken, and they both passed away.

In that dream, my father was healthy, as he was when he first started practicing. Holding a book, he approached me and said, “You must cultivate according to this book. Once you reach Consummation, you should come to pick me up.” It was a pocket-sized copy of Zhuan Falun.

I promised him: “I will cultivate diligently, and please wait for me to pick you up.” I remember the scene vividly. I was on a main street. After I made the promise, my father happily left, taking a side street.

Whenever I think of this dream, I remind myself that I made such a promise. I remind myself of what my task is in human society, and what kind of oath I made before I came down here. I remind myself that I should cultivate diligently and I must reach consummation. By doing that, I can keep my promise, finish my task, and fulfill my oath.

Let us do the three things well, save sentient beings, and go back to our origins with Master.