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Thoughts after Speaking with an Elderly Practitioner

March 23, 2017 |   By a Dafa Disciple in China

(Minghui.org) In my cultivation, my attachments of fear and sentimentality have been a problem. I thought I used the Fa principles to handle things, but the results were usually different than I expected.

I recently met an 80-year-old practitioner, and I joined the Fa-study group in her home. I thought that I could help her with producing materials and Fa-study, but unexpectedly, she has helped me to see my human notions.

She mainly focuses on distributing materials face to face. Because the materials are heavy, she usually uses a cart and hands it out as she goes. She sometimes goes to the market to hand out calendars.

Once, she was reported to police and taken to a police substation. I asked if she was scared at the time. She said, “No. I just thought, it must have been arranged by Master for me to come here to save them. I will try my best.”

At first, two police officers interrogated her on the source of her materials. She said that she could not tell them for their own sake, so that they won't commit a bigger crime.

Later six officers asked her questions at the same time and wanted to search her purse. She rejected that and continued to clarify the truth to everyone. In the end, five of the six officers agreed to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). After that, she was released. It was indeed an arrangement by Master.

I don’t usually distribute materials face to face. Even when I did it occasionally, I would find an exit for me first or wait until there was only one person in the store to do it. This way, even if I was reported, I could escape in time.

I thought that since I was being monitored by police, the persecution would be severe if I was arrested. After discussing with the elderly practitioner, I suddenly realized that this is a matter of my cultivation level.

Carrying the attachment to fear, I can be easily taken advantage of by the old forces. Although we do the same things, there is a clear difference in our cultivation state.

I thought about the many practitioners who have passed away. They didn’t fall behind on doing the three things. Their passing puzzled many of us. However, their mindset and realm could not be seen easily from the surface.

As Dafa disciples in the Fa-rectification period, clarifying the truth and saving sentient beings are our mission and responsibility. We need to cultivate and reach the realm we are supposed to reach while fulfilling our vows.

Because this practitioner’s demand for materials was very high, nearby production sites could not meet her needs. So she bought her own computer and printer. Although she only had an elementary school education, she still managed to learn how to use a computer and printer. This not only alleviated the burden on other sites, but she was also able to help many practitioners who couldn’t get enough materials.

I asked how she handles things with her family. She said she could compromise in her daily life with the family, but she never compromises in doing the three things. As a Dafa disciple and a mother, she maintains benevolence and seriousness at the same time.

She clarified the truth to her husband, who was afraid of the CCP due to the Cultural Revolution. He eventually agreed to withdraw from the CCP right before he passed away. She also handles the relationship with her son and daughter-in-law appropriately by searching within when facing conflicts. She preserves her composure to avoid intensifying conflicts.

Looking at myself, I have not been properly handling the relationships with other practitioners and my family. With practitioners, I thought we all have one Master and study the same Dafa like a family. So I treat practitioners like I treat my own family.

Even when practitioners have unreasonable requests (not related to Dafa or cultivation), I would spend a lot of time and money to help, which only deepened the human sentimentality and created conflicts among practitioners.

When clarifying the truth to my family, I still have a lot of sentimentality. I get anxious and start yelling at them when they don’t accept it right away. Presently, there is still no one in my family who has withdrawn from the CCP.

I need to learn from the elderly practitioner, who cultivates her speech and maintains a good relationship with her family. I need to be patient with my family. Rational tolerance is a manifestation of a high realm in cultivation.

I thought about those deceased practitioners, who might have survived the persecution in forced labor camps or prisons, but in a more peaceful environment they got lost in sentimentality for their children, spouses or parents. To make good arrangements for their families, they spent time and energy on making more money instead of on Fa-study and doing the three things.

From the elderly practitioner’s sharing, I have come to see the important relationship between doing the three things well and personal cultivation.

This is my personal understanding. Please point out anything inappropriate.