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Hospital President: “Truly Amazing!”

February 23, 2017 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) Mr. Sun Yongqian is a 75 year-old blacksmith and bicycle mechanic. He made an amazing recovery after being sent home from the hospital to die, and is now able to do physically demanding work.

One day Mr. Sun suddenly felt under the weather and lost his strength. His daughter took him to the Pulandian Hospital where he was diagnosed with liver failure. The next day, he lost consciousness.

He was transferred to the Dalian No. 6 People's Hospital and admitted to the ICU. That evening, his family was advised to prepare for his funeral, as there was nothing the hospital could do for him. His wife went home to make a shroud and get everything ready for her husband's death. His children took him home to die.

He was lying in bed nearly unconscious when someone said to him, “Only Falun Dafa can help you, would you like to listen to Master Li’s Fa-lectures?” He nodded, yes.

Earbuds were put into his ears and he began listening to the Falun Dafa lectures. He listened for over an hour, then suddenly began throwing up and having diarrhea. He also spit out a lot of yellow fluid. His children were skeptical and didn’t believe that the sudden change in his condition was brought about by Master Li cleaning his body up for him. The next day, he was able to sit up.

His children were still not convinced. They wondered how someone could one get better without having injections or taking medications. They took him back to the hospital. The hospital refused to admit him and issued a second critical condition certificate. His kids had no choice but to take him home.

Mr. Sun listened to the Fa lectures every day and his health continued to improve. He began learning the five sets of exercises as he continued to improve, but his children still did not believe that he could recover without hospital treatment, so they took him to the Wafangdian Hospital.

When the president of the No. 6 hospital in Dalian heard that Mr. Sun was still alive, he was confused. He went right over to the Wafangdian Hospital to see if it was true. When he arrived and found out that the old blacksmith had been listening to Master Li’s tapes and doing the Falun Dafa exercises he was stupefied. Once he regained his speech he said, “Truly amazing!”

Stories of this kind are common among practitioners and showcase Falun Dafa’s profound power. The practice has resolved many very difficult cases in the medical field! Falun Dafa is great!