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Everything Happens for a Reason

December 20, 2017 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) I recently began to seriously recite the Fa. While doing so, Master helped me enlighten to Dafa's principles. I also gained a better understanding of negating the arrangements by the old forces and how to walk well on the cultivation path arranged by Master.

Looking for Fundamental Reasons for Attachments

Although in my 70s, people used to say that I looked young. Although this validated Dafa, I held notions of zealotry and showing off. Besides, I often looked in the mirror and wished to look even younger.

One day I fell down. I looked within, but did not find the reason. Yet I knew that it was not accidental and was a hint from Master. I found a lot of attachments, but did not enlighten to the fundamental reason.

Gradually, my legs were no longer flexible, even a little lame, and I could not straighten my left knee. I sent righteous thoughts and tried to keep my family from finding out. Sometimes it worked, but sometimes it did not. My wrinkles also increased, and I looked old. My eyes were also affected, and I could not see clearly. I also developed a humpback, and despite my efforts to straighten my back, my humpback became even more severe.

I once clearly felt a force pull my shoulders forward to create the humpback. This suddenly alerted me that I was persecuted by the old forces. I immediately sent forth righteous thoughts to clear away all dark minions, rotten demons, and evil elements of communism and told them: “You do not have the right to persecute Dafa practitioners. You have to be eliminated.”

Then, I also found I had the mentality of showing off and zealotry. I felt that I had more advantage over those who did not learn Dafa and that I have Master’s protection. Thus I have good fortune, am stronger than ordinary people, and greater than others. Is this not an impure purpose for cultivating? I wanted to use Dafa as a protective umbrella!

Master said: “She considered herself better than others and extraordinary.” (Zhuan Falun)

Master's words penetrated my mind when I read them. After I discovered these attachments, I looked within every day for any manifestation of them and any other attachments. Once I found them, I immediately eliminated them.

Now my back has straightened and my shoulders no longer lean forward. My left knee has also returned to normal and the force that pulled me forward has disappeared.

Letting Go of Fear of Dying

My daughter told my fortune 20 years ago. She claimed that I could live to the age of 73. At that time I did not take it too seriously. However, as I gradually approached 73, it felt as if a shadow was hovering over me.

Master has made new arrangements for cultivators and has removed our names from hell. So, the old forces arrangements were no longer valid. Master has said this many times, but I could not remove the shadow of fear.

I wondered why the root of this attachment was still with me after so many years? I calmed down and looked inward. Although I denied it, there was still fear hidden deep in my heart. Is this not believing in the old forces instead of Master? Is this not failing the test of life and death? I thought, “May the Fa rectification come to a close before I am 73 years old. I was shocked when I realized this.”

Practitioners should follow what Master wants. Master requires for practitioners to reach selflessness, consider others first, and clarify the truth. How can I be thinking about myself and selfishly hope that Master’s Fa-rectification follows my timing?

Master said:

“If you, as a cultivator, only part with things superficially while deep down inside you still stick to something or cling to your own vital interests that you don’t allow to be undermined, I’d say to you that your cultivation is fake!” (“Lecture at the First Conference in North America”)

I have now eliminated this fundamental selfish and stubborn fear of death, and do what Master requires of me.

I had been complaining about my daughter who read my fortune for me and was accusing her of putting this attachment in my heart. I was anguished for so many years. Now, I realize that nothing happens accidentally, and what happens is closely related to our cultivation. Its purpose is to target and eliminate attachments and improve ones xinxing. Not only should I not hate her, but I should thank her.

Master Arranged Our Cultivation Path

The old forces made arrangements for everyone, yet Master also arranged our paths of cultivation. When tribulations arranged by the old forces occur, if we are aligned with the Fa, Master immediately helps us get through the tribulation. If we are not aligned with the Fa and cannot enlighten that the tribulations are caused by our karma or by the old forces taking advantage of our loopholes, we will suffer.

We must realize that they are good opportunities for us to look within, eliminate evil, and improve ourselves. The old forces will use these as excuses for further persecution if we are not in line with the Fa, and doubt Master and Dafa.

Regardless of the form of the tribulations, they are an illusion. They are an evolution of the old forces’ “poison” to destroy us. We must not be deceived or be fascinated by the illusion. If we think of doing things with human notions, then we are walking on the path arranged by the old forces.

Once we recognize this, we must immediately correct it and remove any human notions, and instead treat it with righteous thoughts. Then, we are walking on the cultivation path arranged by Master. Thus, we have to always be strict with ourselves, measure everything by the Fa principles, and maintain righteous thoughts. We will then walk on the path arranged by Master.