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Jilin Woman Remains Detained, Authorities Refuse to Register Family’s Complaints Against Police

December 15, 2017 |   By a Minghui correspondent in Jilin Province, China

(Minghui.org) A 66-year-old woman in Jilin City remains detained following her arrest on October 18, 2017, for refusing to renounce Falun Gong, a spiritual discipline being persecuted by the Chinese communist regime.

Agents from the local Nanjingjie Police Station did not show identification, an arrest warrant, or a search warrant when they went to arrest and ransack the home of Ms. Chen Peihua. When her daughter sought her release on October 21, police chief Huang Zhen dared the young woman to sue him. He also ordered his officers to take away her phone, which she was using to record the conversation. The young woman was then caged for two hours before being set free.

Ms. Chen’s daughter and other family members went to Chuanying District Procuratorate on November 16 to file a complaint against chief Huang and his officers. Chief prosecutor Wang Tieying declined to register the complaint, claiming the case was still being investigated by the police.

Ms. Chen’s family returned hours later, and this time Wang said that the central government was in the process of establishing a centralized committee to handle all Falun Gong-related cases and that his procuratorate would no longer take complaints from Falun Gong practitioners or their families.

Ms. Chen’s loved ones were baffled by this explanation. Even if what Wang said was true, they expected a transitional phase during which complaints would still be registered and processed.

The family tried Chuanying District Police Department four days later. Section chief Li took a look at the complaint and rejected it when he realized it was against officers at Nanjingjie Police Station. Ms. Chen’s daughter argued that the government had issued a notice in May 2015 requiring relevant government agencies to register all complaint cases, but Li said he had no idea of the notice.

Ms. Chen’s family visited Jilin City Procuratorate on November 24. A prosecutor surnamed Guan produced a document saying that any case against police must first go through a higher-level police department. He referred them to the Jilin City Police Department.

The receptionist at the Jilin City Police Department didn’t allow Ms. Chen’s family to go inside when he learned they were there to sue Nanjingjie Police. He gave them a complaints hotline to call.

Ms. Chen’s family called the hotline and was told to wait for a response from Jilin City Police Department. They have not heard back at the time of writing.

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