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Let Go of Attachments and Eliminate the Barriers Between Practitioners

December 12, 2017 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in Europe

(Minghui.org) Two days ago something happened to me that gave me a better understanding of how barriers develop between practitioners. I was about to go to a Shen Yun ticket booth in a mall when “Liu,” another practitioner, said to me, “Did you see the email practitioner “Mei” sent to you?” The email had also been copied to Liu.

Even before Liu brought it up, I had a biased view of Mei, which caused me to have negative thoughts when I read her email. As I read her message, I felt I was being questioned and blamed for not letting “Jeff,” a Western practitioner, join the group that gets emails about Dafa projects.

I replied to the email with several explanations, trying to defend myself: 1) My husband sent out an email to the large group and asked who would like to help. Jeff didn't respond. 2) I don't have Jeff's contact information. 3) My husband is in charge of the group that includes Westerner practitioners, I am in charge of the Chinese group. Therefore, I was not sure why I was being criticized. I copied two other practitioners in on the emails.

Right after I sent out the email, I realized that I had an attachment of competitiveness. Master taught us not to argue. Why didn't I listen to Master? I looked inside myself and found that I was concerned that I would be misunderstood, that I did not want to be questioned, and that I was afraid of losing face. I cared too much about myself and hadn’t made saving people my top priority.

I saw my problems and re-read Mei's email to me. I didn't see anything inappropriate about her questions. I read the email a third time and didn't sense that she was blaming me. I couldn't believe my eyes: All the criticism I saw the first time I read it had disappeared.

At that moment I enlightened that my attachments and human notions were being exploited by the old forces to create barriers between me and other practitioners, thus interfering with our ability to coordinate well to promote Shen Yun.

I was ashamed of myself and emailed an apology to Mei explaining what had just happened to me and asked her forgiveness.

Mei quickly replied to my email and told me not to worry. She wrote that coordinating the ticket booth in the mall was not an easy job and that I must be under a lot of pressure.

Her email really touched me and made me determined to eliminate all my negative feelings about her. I saw Mei the next day at group Fa study, and we smiled at each other.

This was my recent cultivation experience. Please kindly point out anything inappropriate.