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Paying Attention to Each Single Thought

November 19, 2017 |   By a Xiaoxiao, a practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) I read an article on Minghui recently that pointed out that many practitioners who passed away from illness karma had an issue: they wanted to leave, instead of staying in this human world.

This is indeed a serious problem. Here I would like to share a story about my mother. She is a practitioner in her 70s. She is diligent in many aspects, but she has attachments to money and sentimentality.

Our relative in the countryside was very ill and was expected to die. His family asked my mother to help them by buying a shroud. As a practitioner, I did not want my mother to get involved. I thought that if we wanted to help we could always donate some money for them to purchase one. But my mother did not listen to me.

It was a summer day. My mother and I visited several stores and most of the shrouds in the stores were expensive. We later found an affordable shroud in another store. On the way home, my mother said that the shroud was very good and she was thinking of purchasing another one for herself. I immediately told her no because, “We are Falun Dafa practitioners. We need to cultivate our speech and be mindful of what we are saying.”

As we arrived home my mother had difficulty breathing, so she sat down on the couch to rest. When I turned to look at her, I noticed that she kept nodding. She then lowered her head and began to vomit foam. I cried and rushed over to her. “Mother! Wake up! You cannot leave here. We have to return with Master,” I told her loudly. I then sent forth righteous thoughts.

My mother regained consciousness a short time later, saying she had almost died. I then played Dafa music to her. She fully recovered a short time later.

This was a serious lesson for us. I had thought that my mother had a loophole due to not cultivating her speech, which was taken advantage of by the old forces. I later realized that when mother said those words there could have been impure thoughts or messages in her mind. Those thoughts took advantage of the fact that my mother is attached to money. From there, they pushed onto my mother the thought of purchasing a funeral shroud. If my mother's righteous thought had not been strong enough, there could have been serious consequences.

From this I learned that cultivation practice is indeed serious. Sometimes we may assume that the thoughts in our mind are our own. In fact, they could have come from the assistant consciousness or other beings. We need to always think and act according to the Fa. That is, we should pay attention to each single thought.

What I've written are my personal opinions. Please point out anything inappropriate.