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A Timely Reminder

January 05, 2017 |   by Falun Gong practitioner in New York

(Minghui.org) I am a Falun Gong practitioner who's lived in the New York area for a year now. I also participate in promoting Shen Yun.

After I read the article “Promoting Shen Yun with Righteous thoughts” by a fellow practitioner, I felt ashamed. It talked about fellow practitioners purchasing tickets for themselves instead of reserving the seats for sentient beings. It also touched on the topic of some coordinators feeling complacent because they filled a large number of seats, instead of focusing on their improvement in cultivation.

I had purchased a seat for myself in advance. Now what should I do?

I suddenly remembered a friend that I had met not too long ago. We became friends after she purchased a Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra concert ticket. She was from the Philippines, and she was a kind, warmhearted lady. We kept in touch.

She told me how much she had enjoyed the concert. Later, when I introduced Shen Yun Performing Arts to her, she told me that she was saving money in order to go back to the Philippines to visit her family. I thought that I should give her a chance to see the show.

I sent her a message saying that I bought her a ticket to see Shen Yun. I told her that I would hate for her to miss a chance to see such a wonderful show.

Her reply was, “Do you know 'The Gift of the Magi' by O. Henry? Would you help me purchase another ticket? That will be my gift for you, so we can go see the show together, and it will be more meaningful that way.”

The ticket I purchased was for January 11.

She texted me again, “How amazing! Did you know that my birthday is January 12?”

A short while later, she sent me great news; she had been applying for a weekend job for close to a year, and she got the job! She could hardly believe her good fortune!

Thank you compassionate Master!

Thank you fellow practitioner who wrote the article, and reminded me just in time!