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A Suggestion on Parade Banner Wording

September 18, 2016 |   By a Falun Dafa Practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) Falun Dafa parades around the world look magnificent. Practitioners hold colorful banners and the sound of marching bands can be heard by thousands. Many tourists from China see Falun Dafa parades during overseas trips. However, some of them get the impression that practitioners seek political power. Some believe that we are radically against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Even though they have been influenced by Party propaganda or manipulated by the old forces to ignore the facts of the persecution, we need to offer them salvation. We have to look inward, make improvements, and try to avoid causing misunderstandings.

Taking myself as an example, I used to be filled with indignation and sadness when I told people about the persecution. My sentimentality compromised the power of my truth clarification. I had to cultivate myself and eliminate my attachments.

After considering the effect of Falun Dafa parades, I would like to suggest that we change the wording on some of our banners, which play a big role in how people perceive us.

For example, the statement 'Heaven is eliminating the CCP' should perhaps be revised. We are trying to tell people that the CCP is coming to an end, instead of leaving an impression that we are eliminating the CCP.

Master has told us,

“The saying, 'Heaven is going to eliminate the CCP,' is the final outcome that cultivators have come to see. Don’t make it your opening line when you clarify the truth. If you have really explained things to people, however, and then you get into how evil the Party is and that Heaven is going to eliminate it, then that’s okay. But when you have yet to clarify the truth to that person and you launch into 'Heaven is going to eliminate the CCP,' and the person really hasn’t come to understand things, then they will think that you’re 'getting political.'” (“Fa Teaching Given at the 2010 New York Fa Conference”)

The statement “Disintegrate the CCP” seems to create the misunderstanding that we Dafa practitioners want to disintegrate the CCP.

The statement “Quitting the CCP Helps Disintegrate the CCP” implies that the purpose of helping people quit the CCP is to disintegrate it, seize its power or seek revenge. The Chinese people have been living under the propaganda of the CCP all their lives. They are shocked to see such statements and might easily conclude that we seek political power, and then refuse to listen any further.

As a matter of fact, the only reason we're doing this is to save people. I suggest we change the wording to “The Party Will Soon Meet its Fate,” or “Persecutors Meet With Justice. The CCP Will Soon Collapse.” All we need to do is to tell people the final outcome. Based on the five-thousand-year Chinese civilization, people can accept the principle that “evil meets with evil.”

Actually, the messages we need to convey are about the persecution, the chief perpetrators and the number of people who quit the CCP.

In my opinion, our statements need to tell them, “The CCP will soon meet its doom. People have two choices: Follow the CCP and be buried with it. Or, see through the propaganda and quit the Communist organizations. There is no third choice. Quitting the CCP will bring them a bright future.” We have to clearly tell the Chinese people the information that concerns them. Even if they didn't participate in the persecution, agreeing with the CCP's propaganda will bring them the same fate as the CCP.

Our banners should show people our high moral standard. We don't pursue money, fame or power. We follow truthfulness and don't fight back. Jiang Zemin thought these compassionate people, no matter how many, are easy to destroy. When we present the two sides and let people make their own judgment, we have the best chance of awakening their consciences.

Master has told us,

“That means that we have to let people know that the wicked CCP is the earthly form of the devil, and we must remember that the point of dissolving it is to save people. Our goal isn't to dissolve it, but to save people. We don't dissolve it in order to seize its political power, but to liberate the Chinese people that it has held hostage. So we want to use all of our strength to tell people the facts, to save sentient beings.” (“Fa Teaching Given at the Fa Conference Marking the Tenth Anniversary of the Minghui Website’s Founding”)

Regarding the CCP's organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners, we have to tell people not to get organ transplants in China, and tell overseas doctors not to work with Chinese organ transplant organizations, and tell Chinese doctors to never get involved in forced organ harvesting.

Some banners state, “Chinese technical employees: are you helping the government with monitoring software? You are assisting with a crime.” “Fellow Chinese: are you still using WeChat under government monitoring? Break through the Internet firewall to see the facts on Minghui, Epoch Times and NTDTV.” “China's Future relies on Falun Dafa Practitioners.” These statements are close to people's everyday lives and help them understand what we are doing.

We could also make banners about the well-known persecutors being punished. Some people have awoken to the truth after reading eye-catching banners.

Master said,

“Everyone is calling for the arrest of that archfiend Jiang. As soon as it is arrested, this thing will end, and it is just this soon.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2016 New York Fa Conference”)

The reason why it hasn't ended is because not enough cultivators have met the criteria of consummation and not enough people have been saved. Everything we do is geared toward saving more people.

Some fellow practitioners said Master had said if politics could save people, we could use politics. My understanding is that we aren't afraid of being called political. However, are we truly political? No. Are we seeking political power? No. If our banner statements made some people misunderstand us, the knots in their hearts can't be untied; we wouldn't be able to save them. Any change we make on these statements aims to avoid misunderstanding and touch people's hearts.

We are working as one body. I feel I have to share my suggestion for our collective improvement.