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Only by Studying the Fa Well Can We Do Truth-Clarification Projects Well

August 05, 2016 |   By a Falun Dafa disciple in Canada

(Minghui.org) Through an accidental opportunity, I joined a project team to clarify the truth online over a year ago. At the beginning, I simply did as I was told and didn’t take the initiative on anything.

After a while, I thought of ways to lead more people to read about the truth and to help people "scale the great [Internet] firewall." Afterward, my coordinator told me we received many emails asking for help to do this.

I posted information every day and made diagrams which explained how to break through the Internet firewall.

Master gave me hints that I needed to study the Fa well in order to do this well. One time as I entered a verification code, the two Chinese characters “Study the Fa” appeared on my screen. Another time, the characters “the Fa is tremendous” appeared.

To make it easier for people, I designed an easy-to-use website that people from mainland China can access to break through the firewall directly. I could also collect data on the effect of sending the posts.

Sometimes I doubted myself. “This is meaningless. Maybe I should just carry out my work as I used to. Why should I bother with making something new? Am I trying to validate myself?” Whenever I had these doubts, other practitioners encouraged me and gave me the courage to keep going.

Every change in the cosmic climate creates an opportunity for us to save more sentient beings. Now, more and more of these changes are happening more and more frequently.

When stock market disasters kept happening in mainland China, I instinctively felt they were good opportunities, but I let the opportunities slip by.

Some time ago, there was a huge explosion in Tianjin. This, I realized, was a great chance to tell people how to break through the Internet firewall. I made diagrams and utilized the special structure of the Baidu website to post the inside news and the method for scaling the firewall in the Tianjin City forum.

Practitioners kept sharing my post, and we kept it on the front page of the Tianjin forum for a while. We did it a few times, and one post lasted nearly two hours without being deleted. Some online friends sent us emails asking for information, and some replied to our posts thanking us.

In only a couple of hours, several hundred people logged on to our “scaling the firewall” website. Our project team gradually found a way to send posts together, which achieves a better result than doing it alone.

Truth-Clarification Through Design

Later I started to make more truth-clarifying images. In the past, I didn’t like designing and knew nothing about it. However, I had the simple thought of attracting more people to our timely online news with well-designed images. I learned how to use drawing software.

Practitioners encouraged me all along the way. When I think back on this, I know that it was Master using practitioners to encourage me. He knows the shortcomings in my personality and that I would be too afraid to start something new and would probably give up mid-way through.

One night, I had a dream. I saw a Western practitioner whom I didn’t know in a rush to buy genuine software. I enlightened that I have to walk my path righteously, so I went and bought genuine software and genuine fonts. When I look for materials, I now pay attention to copyright and always try to find ones available in the public domain.

Because I didn’t know design, I looked at a large number of poster designs and tried to learn and imitate their layouts. If I didn’t know how to do it, I would watch instructional videos on YouTube. Shen Yun’s costumes use a lot of contrasting colors and very bright colors. Traditional Chinese murals that depict deities are also like that. Contemporary people’s deviated notions use different shades of grey.

Master says,

“Such is the righteous energy contained in every piece that is danced, every word that is sung, and every note that is played; even the colors on the stage emit positive energy.” (“Dafa Disciples Must Study the Fa” from Teaching the Fa at Conference XI)

After reading Master’s Fa, I had more understanding of colors. Matching colors has become easier for me.

One time, when I was looking for source materials online and saw different materials filling up my screen, I suddenly realized that they are also sentient beings waiting to be chosen and saved. If a source material is chosen and used in truth-clarifying images, it would be an honor for the lives behind it. I have a deeper understanding on making truth-clarifying images: they may look simple, but the significance behind them is beyond our imagination.

Designing images has now become very easy for me. Other practitioners have given me positive feedback. Unfortunately, I developed complacency and had to continuously eliminate bad thoughts from my heart.

In a dream, I felt that my body was pushing forward. I had a deviated thought and wanted to fly up but ended up being pressed face down to the ground. I enlightened that pride and complacency will impede me and prevent me from seeing more beautiful things. It’s only when we look up with a pious heart can we see the world of the gods, and only proud people always look down.

A Pure Container

As I tried scanning sensitive words in an image one time, the two characters for “Falun” were recognized by the system as “removing selfishness.” From the Fa, we know that the purer a cultivator is, the greater his/her capacity is, the more lives he/she can contain, and the more capable he/she is.

Master says,

“A person is like a container, and he is whatever he contains.” (“Melt Into the Fa” from Essentials for Further Advancement)

I understand that, during the process of cultivation, the more we empty the dirty contents in our container, the more we are able to expand our capacity, and the more Master can bestow in us greater capabilities in a bigger container and let it play a greater role.

When we hold on to selfishness, we mistakenly think what’s in the container is ourselves. When we let go of selfishness, we are grateful because everything inside is a gift from the Creator.

Online Project

I feel clarifying the truth online is a very important project. Even though our media have made lots of exquisite products, we need to promote them to mainland China. This project team serves as that bridge.

I later joined a media project team full time. At first, I was afraid it would affect my project work. This idea caused interference in the following months. I found no time to do anything outside of the media. Sometimes, when I had time, I wasn’t motivated to do anything. It is so true that “good or bad comes from a person’s initial thought.”

I recently enlightened that, since the life of a cultivator has been rearranged by Master, there must be a way to balance different projects at the same time. The three things we do happen naturally. When we do the three things without attachments, the time we have should be enough.

The tribulation I imposed on myself made me unable to do well in the media. To save face and out of various attachments, I didn’t enlighten that Master wanted me to incorporate my understanding of colors in the Fa to my media work.

Instead, I strengthened bad factors behind the façade of “cooperation” in the style of Party culture. As a result, I did a poor job. I felt that my head and body were heavy after adjusting colors for the videos. The dark shady effect is exactly the opposite of “positive energy” Master requires of us. Other practitioners weren’t happy with this, either, and I was ashamed.

I truly feel that Master gives us wisdom. Our skills improve the more we study and recite the Fa. I know I have lots of room for improvement. I haven’t done my best in some of the projects I promised to do, but I will work harder in the future.

Please kindly point out anything inappropriate in my understanding.

Thank you, Master. Thank you, fellow practitioners.

(Presented at the 2016 Canada Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference)