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Pay Attention to Minding Speech

August 31, 2016 |   By a practitioner in Hebei Province, China

(Minghui.org) Master taught us:

“When we talk about minding speech, it’s about the ordinary things like reputation and profit that you can’t let go of and that aren’t related to a cultivator’s actual work in the world; it’s about disciples in the same practice talking about pointless things with each other; it’s about stuff that’s done to show off because of attachments; about spreading rumors heard through the grapevine; and talking about other things in the world with a lot of excitement and interest. I think these are all attachments an ordinary person has, and we should mind our speech when it comes to these things. That’s what we mean by minding speech.” (“The Eighth Talk” in Zhuan Falun)

I think fellow practitioners are familiar with this and many can recite it. But how many of us actually follow Master's teaching? We are cultivating ourselves in everyday society. Master asks us to live like ordinary people while cultivating, but it does not mean that we have to act like them. Not minding speech can have serious consequences.

Not Minding Speech Results in Tribulation

Master taught us,

“People who study human-body sciences have now discovered that a person’s thoughts and brain activity can generate a type of matter. At high levels we can see that it really is a type of matter, but it turns out this matter isn’t like the brain waves that we’ve now discovered with research. Instead, it takes the form of a complete human brain. The thing that ordinary people send out in their daily lives when they think is in the form of a human brain, but it disperses quickly since it doesn’t have energy. But a practitioner’s energy lasts much longer.” (“The Fifth Talk” in Zhuan Falun)

From Master's teaching, we know why we need to watch how and what we are thinking about, because an incorrect thought could send out something negative. These substances are living entities in other dimensions and may interfere with our cultivation or cause tribulations. They can also be sent out through what we say.

We cultivate to get rid of our attachments. When we speak, we need to follow Master's teaching and be mindful of what we say.

Harmful Consequence from Not Minding Speech

Master taught us,

“There are also people delivering so-called “speeches” in conferences that are attended by thousands. What they say is all about themselves. They even define some sentences of Dafa or interpret Dafa, with their bodies emitting to the students black karma and attachment substances.” (Essentials for Further Advancement)

When what say is motivated by our attachments we may send out karma or negative substances. Some practitioners whose celestial eyes are open saw that lotus flowers come from Dafa practitioners' mouths when their minds are pure and on the Fa and their thoughts are righteous. When they speak, people feel good and want to listen to them. When they speak about the persecution, people accept what they say and are saved. Conversely, when one has negative thoughts or attachments, we emit negative images which can make people feel uncomfortable. In this case, instead of saving people we may have the opposite effect.

I remind everyone to mind your speech, don't bring unnecessary interference to ourselves or unintentionally harm fellow practitioners. We should strictly mind our speech and actions and treasure the time that Master has extended for us. We should correct our every thought, action and word.