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A Road Building Laborer Helps Spread the Persecution Facts

August 30, 2016 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) One day last fall I was chatting with my neighbor in front of our gate as a road paving team paved the road.

As they passed in front of my home, I greeted them and thanked them for paving the village road. I also asked if they knew about quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Some said no, so I told them that I would get some materials from my home for them.

After listening, some responded positively while others were sarcastic. One villager said something bad about Falun Gong. Then a laborer jumped in and said, “Falun Gong isn't like what has been said on television. Falun Gong teaches people to follow Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, and it has miraculous effects on one's health.” He and I took turns clarifying the facts of the persecution.

I explained how the officials who followed Jiang Zemin to persecute Falun Gong are now incurring karmic retribution and being punished. One of the workers then asked for something to read about it. As I was inside getting it, their manager arrived and I hesitated. That worker saw me and said, “Why didn't you get anything for me?”

I told him I noticed his manager and was concerned that it might affect his job. So I approached the manager and asked if he knew about quitting the CCP and its affiliated associations. Unexpectedly, he said, “Yes! Yes! There are Falun Gong practitioners in my village, too. It is quite good.” I gave each laborer a package with a DVD, booklet, and other materials. They read the materials during their lunch break.

The next afternoon, one of the laborers came to my home and asked for more materials. He has returned every week to get more since then. He said, “After I read them, I always give them to others to read. I am helping you to spread the news.”

The road paving team returned to my village this spring. The laborer who comes to my home every week said to me, “Today is Saturday and there should be new materials. I'm here for those.” But I didn’t have anymore left right then, so I apologized to him and asked him to come back Monday.

I wondered whether he read the materials, so on another visit I asked him, “Can you tell me what you read in the materials and books?” He said, “I've read all the materials, but not much of the books because work is too busy.”

The next week when he came again, he talked about Li Dongsheng and Bo Xilai heading up the live organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners. I knew he had read the materials and felt reassured.

After finishing the job in our village, the pavers went far away to work. But no matter how hot it gets or how busy they are, that laborer still comes to my home once a week on his lunch break.

Once he came at noon and was sweating profusely. I had just handed out materials and only had one copy left. I felt so bad and told him, “I'm so sorry. I only have this left. Can you come by tomorrow?” He said, “In the future, please save me another!”

I felt great joy as I watched him go.