(Minghui.org) In the evening after a busy day, standing by the window, I could see waning lights and people still busying themselves in a maze. I was overcome with emotion as I felt the urgency of saving sentient beings and the importance of cultivating ourselves well while shouldering such enormous responsibilities.

I often remind myself that, when facing the busy world filled with temptations and interference, I must not get too involved, and I should always measure myself against the requirements of the Fa and regard unpleasant things as cultivation opportunities.

I should study the Fa with my heart and dissolve myself into the Fa so that every particle in my body is immersed in Fa principles and everyday people’s things have no place in my mind or body. In my heart, there is only Dafa that guides me in cultivation and sentient beings who desperately hope to be saved.

When Our Mind Is On the Fa, Everything Will Change

I used to do a lot of things with a practitioner in our local area, but later he went astray and sold out quite a few fellow practitioners, many of whom were subsequently arrested. I heard that he mentioned my name in particular. I was under a lot of pressure at the time. However, I knew I must not let the evil win out.

It was a very gloomy day and drizzling when those practitioners were arrested. My heart felt very heavy, but I carried on, doing what I should do. On my way to a practitioner's place to fetch a computer to install software, I kept sending righteous thoughts and remembered Master's teaching:

“If every Dafa disciple can think and act righteously as he goes about things and can look at things with righteous thoughts under any circumstance, none of you will become afraid when facing persecution. If that is how you are, who would dare to persecute you!” (“Teaching the Fa in San Francisco, 2005”)

It suddenly dawned on me that my life belongs to Dafa and sentient beings. I have come to this human world with a mission to save people who have been fooled by lies, and my life has nothing to do with the old forces.

Immediately I felt an invisible power within me connected to the Fa, and no one could shake my righteous thoughts. The feeling of anxiety I had earlier disappeared without a trace.

My family members were terribly frightened by the mass arrest, and they desperately urged me to leave home to avoid harm. I calmly explained to them, in a way they could understand, what I thought.

They calmed down in the end and said to me, “We've had a discussion and think you won't be safe wherever we want you to go. It's safer to have you nearby.” I knew then that the plot concocted by the old forces had fallen through.

(Ninth China Fahui on Minghui)