(Minghui.org) As Shen Yun Performing Arts is touring around the world, people often hear about it through advertisements or peer recommendations. However, in some cases, they are brought by unusual twists of fate, as in the experience of Carla Healion, who attended the performance in Perth, Australia.

Carla lives in Toodyay, Western Australia, about 85 kilometers from Perth. During Christmas in 2015 and New Year in 2016, she came to Perth to house sit for a friend. That was where she spent the “most spiritual holiday season,” according to Carla.

During the stay, Carla would take a walk around the Canning River every morning then go back to drink some tea or coffee and do some reading. One afternoon during mid January, 2016, as she was riding the bike in the Bicton district, she heard a voice telling her where to go, “turn left,...turn right,...turn left,...” After several turns, she reached a small shopping village.

She parked the bike then went into a small supermarket. Two ladies were dropping off a stack of magazines (special edition on Shen Yun) onto the counter and thanking the store manager. When they turned around and saw Carla, one of them handed a magazine to her and said, “This is the best show in the world. Don't miss it.”

Carla took the magazine and said, “Thank you. This is what I'm looking for!”

Next day, she called the hotline listed on the magazine and ordered the best seat available. The lady on the phone later delivered the ticket to her. When Carla saw that the person was the lady that handed her the magazine, she was excited and offered to make coffee for her.

Carla said that her discovering Shen Yun was quite miraculous. She was certain that picking up the magazine was guided by divine beings, since she was just wandering around and didn't know what she was doing at that time. When she saw the magazine after all the turns guided by that voice, she knew that it was meant for her.

After watching the performance, Carla shared that her seat was so close to the stage that she felt she could enter into every scene of the show. For example, during the piece The Lady of the Moon, she was wondering if she could also drink an elixir and fly to the moon palace.

Carla believes the ancient masters who ascended to the heavens, especially those of Chinese heritage, have been making arrangements that benefit humankind. She said she will not worry about her life anymore because she has received divine guidance. She realized that human existence has a more noble purpose.

She said that all she feels now is true happiness and that she greatly appreciates every single moment of her existence.

Curtain call for Shen Yun's World Company at the Regal Theater in Perth, Australia during the 2016 Oceania tour