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How I Overcame Breast Cancer

April 12, 2016 |   By a practitioner from Heilongjiang Province, Mainland China

(Minghui.org) I came across Falun Dafa in April 1999, but the persecution began a few months later, even before I got a chance to truly comprehend what cultivation was all about.

Though I never stopped practicing Dafa, my lack of understanding of the Fa principles resulted in a serious sickness karma test for me. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in May 2005, and the doctors predicted that I wouldn't survive for more than three years.

I gradually became enlightened after I had surgery to remove the affected breast. I came to see that I must behave like a genuine cultivator in order to pass the test. I ditched all the medicines and chemotherapy, and I recovered in a few months.

Now that 11 years have passed, I'm as healthy as can be.

Determined to Follow Falun Dafa

I first exhibited symptoms of breast cancer in May 2005. Since I didn't fully understand what Falun Dafa was, I thought that if I sent forth righteous thoughts, the disease would be gone. Of course, it didn't work.

I went to the hospital and had surgery. I regretted it afterwards, but I didn't know why. My husband thought I had gotten cancer because I practiced Falun Dafa and asked me, “Will you continue the practice?”

“Yes, I will,” I told him.

He was angry. After I returned home from the hospital, he forced me to choose between Falun Dafa and my family.

“That's not necessary,” I said. “I want both.”

He continued to insist.

“If you force me, I must choose Falun Dafa.”

He was irritated and said to our son, “Son, listen to what your mom said. She thinks Falun Dafa is more important than us.”

“Your question does not make sense. I can certainly keep both.”

He never brought up the subject again.

Treating Myself as a Genuine Practitioner

Before I was discharged from the hospital, the doctor told me not to lift anything heavy, so that my body could recover better. At that time, my mother was taking care of me, even though she was almost 70.

We lived in a tiny apartment with the washing machine in the kitchen. Because the washer pipe was not long enough, we had to use a bucket to get all the drained water, and then dump it out into the toilet.

I couldn't bear to see my mother doing the heavy lifting, and thought I should do it instead. At the same time, I remembered what my doctor told me. I struggled with this, and then decided. “I am a Falun Dafa practitioner. I'm not like normal people—I should act like a real practitioner.”

So I carried the heavy bucket. I reminded myself to follow the principles of Dafa, and everything was fine. I continued to recover very well.

I continued chemotherapy. I soon realized, however, that Master was purifying my body. How could I allow my body to be polluted by chemicals?

This was hard for my family to understand. After the first chemotherapy treatment, many of my white blood cells were killed, my immunization system was weakened, and my hair fell out.

I decided to stop the treatments. My doctor said that I did not cherish my life. My husband and brother-in-law urged me to undergo two more treatments as my doctor prescribed.

I was very determined. “I won't do it. I'm going to cultivate in Falun Dafa as a real practitioner.”

Learning to Look Within

One day I went to buy some vegetables. I felt weak and could not even lift a pound of produce. I knew that there was something wrong with me and looked inside.

I sincerely said to Master, “I did something wrong. Today when I was talking to an older practitioner, I didn't talk nicely. I was wrong.”

Immediately, I felt much better. This was an amazing realization: “Looking inside myself is really the key!”

This was the first time I really learned what it meant to look inside and how to do it. This was the first time that I really understood how to cultivate as what Master said, “Cultivation is serious.” (“An Explicit Reminder” from Essentials for Further Advancement)

After my first surgery in May 2005, my doctor told me to stretch my arms against a wall every day, because one of my breasts had been completely removed with the muscles under the armpit. Only skin and bone remained. I had to use a towel to cover the skin until it healed.

After the wound healed, I couldn't lift my arm at all. I had to stretch the arm every day. It was very painful, and made it almost impossible to do the exercises.

I told myself that no matter what, I must do the exercises. When I did the second exercise, which required lifting both of my arms over my head, I had to hold one arm up with the another one. Three days later, I could do the second exercise without a problem. I was surprised and amazed. I knew that all of what Master said was true and I should practice diligently.

I also realized why I got breast cancer—I didn't cherish Dafa and cultivate as a true practitioner.

Having Firm Faith in Falun Dafa

In October 2005 during my annual medical checkup, the doctor said, “Your other breast has cancer, too, and must be removed as soon as possible.”

In the previous five months, I had begun to better understand Falun Dafa. “This time I won't make the same mistake as last time. I'm a true practitioner. I shouldn't be deceived by the symptoms.” And, indeed, nothing happened.

A while later, a big lump appeared on my neck. I knew it was the old forces' arrangement, and I should totally deny it.

My sister in-law did notice it. “You have a big lump on your neck!” she said with alarm.

I simply said, “Don't worry. It's nothing.”

Some time later I went to the hospital to see another relative and ran into my sister in-law again. She looked at me with surprise. “Where's the lump? I see it's gone and you didn't take any medicine. What happened?”

“Of course I didn't take any medicine. All I did was study Fa and do the exercises.”

She was amazed.

When I looked back on those days, it was not easy at all. I was depressed and sometimes under great pressure. Whenever I saw or touched the lump, I would encourage myself. “Do not worry, I'm eliminating karma. I am a Falun Dafa practitioner.”

One day as I took a shower, I looked at the lump and felt that I couldn't bear it any more, but I told myself, “You are a Dafa practitioner. Hang on, do not give up. You will eventually get past this ordeal.”

It has been 11 years since my doctor said in 2005 that I would not survive another three years. I'm healthy and all my diseases are gone. Every day I study the Fa with my fellow practitioners and talk to people about Falun Gong.