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The Most Righteous Choice of My Life

February 08, 2016 |   By a Dafa practitioner in Liaoning Province, China

(Minghui.org) I am a 56-year-old accountant. Prior to cultivating Falun Dafa, I suffered from many ailments including dizziness, cholecystitis, and rheumatism. I had to wash my hands in warm water even on the hottest days of the summer, and if I ate even one bite of chilled apple, for example, I would feel pain all over.

Because of the rheumatism, I had to use medicinal plasters on my back, which would sometimes begin to rot. When I was 32, even my doctor regarded me as 10 years older.

March 10, 1996, is the day I will never forget. On that day, I asked the staff at the accounting department where I worked to cover for me so that I could deal with my pain—I was going to the hospital for an injection. One of the staff where I worked asked, “Why do you need an injection? Nowadays, people all practice Falun Gong and their illnesses go away without having any injections or medicine.”

“Really?” I said. “I’ll give it a try then.” Soon after I made that decision, I came upon a book called Zhuan Falun, the main book of Falun Dafa, lying on a table top. There was a lotus flower on the back cover of the book, and that night I was surprised when I dreamed of the lotus flower on the book. Right after the dream, I saw a colorful oval-shaped Falun the size of a grain of rice floating back and forth as if under my eye lids.


I brought Zhuan Falun home with me, and with great respect I read the whole book in three days. After finishing, I was extremely excited. I had never read such a wonderful book in my life. I soon went to a local Falun Dafa practice site to do the exercises. When I was doing the second exercise, it felt like Master Li indeed planted a Falun in my belly. I could actually feel it.

When I returned home that day and went to bed, I could feel chilly sensations, like wind, on my back. Only it felt very comfortable. I felt the wind coming out of my back on the second day as well. By the third day, the rheumatism, which had troubled me for a decade, was gone. It’s never come back since, and my dizziness and cholecystitis, as well as other ailments, have all disappeared.

There are no words to express my gratitude to Master Li. In my mind, it was like 10,000 words formed into one question: “Master, why are you so kind to me?”

At that point I recalled my 56 years of life, from youth to the present. Out of all the things that I have done—things that I could remember, including memories of happiness, pain, hardship, sorrow and joy—the most righteous thing was choosing to walk into Falun Dafa cultivation practice.

Dafa Saved My Life

One day in 2007, I was driving on the highway from work. There were three of us in the van, when suddenly we were rear ended by a heavy truck. The situation was very dangerous. Just as our van was about to smash into the barrier of the highway, I shouted, “Stop the car!” Instantly, the van stopped.

I then shouted again, “Falun Dafa is good! Master please help me!”

The driver's head and legs were bleeding. The other passenger was wounded in the chest and was having difficulty breathing. I was the only one without any injury.

I called the police with my cell phone. After arriving, the policeman was amazed. “Were you in the van?” he asked me. “Why you were not hurt at all?”

I replied, “It's because I shouted 'Falun Dafa is good,' and my Master came to rescue me.”

“It is great to have faith in Falun Dafa,” the officer replied. “I’ve come across situations like yours a few times now.”