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The Different Ways I Have Clarified the Truth Over the Years

February 27, 2016 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner from China

(Minghui.org) I started to cultivate Falun Dafa after the Chinese regime banned the practice in 1999. Many practitioners suffered tribulations at home, and one practitioner was even divorced for practicing Dafa. So I decided that making sure things went well at home was of utmost importance.

I let go of my bad habits and then showed my husband truth clarification materials. However, he was very unhappy and said that, although he did not object to my practicing Dafa, he wondered why he should read any Dafa materials.

“We should know about each other and what we stand for, because we are husband and wife,” I said. “The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) persecutes Falun Dafa disciples so cruelly. You have to know what I'm doing! I do not ask you to practice Dafa, but just want you to read Zhuan Falun so you can understand me.”

After he read Zhuan Falun, he no longer refused to read any Dafa informational materials.

Changes Brought About by Dafa

After I began to cultivate, extraordinary things happened on a daily basis. I often shared what I experienced with my husband when we ate together.

Practitioners usually came to my house to discuss projects, and my husband was privy to many of our conversations. Therefore, he volunteered to become a technician for our Fa-validation projects and also helped practitioners install NTD (New Tang Dynasty) television station satellite receivers. Even if I was not at home, he helped out whenever needed. Fellow practitioners joked that my home had become a “colossal firmament” studio.

Before I practiced Falun Dafa, my relationship with my in-laws was very bad. I made amends by apologizing to my sister-in-law and sent her delicacies from my hometown for the Chinese New Year. I invited my mother-in-law and brother-in-law to my home for the New Year. I also took good care of my mother-in-law when she was in the hospital.

Impressed by my improvements, my sister-in-law has done many things to help validate Dafa, and her family has been blessed: as her husband had a successful career, and her son was an outstanding student. She lives a happy life!

Responsible for Computer Issues

There are very few practitioners in my area. Most of them are seniors with little education. Things at home were not conducive for them to do Dafa projects, so they just printed truth-clarification materials for distribution.

In 2010, our coordinator suggested that I learn computer technology. I was financially stable and had plenty of time, but I had had little education. Nevertheless, I was confident that I would have no problem mastering the technical savvy.

It took three months for me to master computer systems and the installation of software and hardware. I also learned to make simple repairs on Canon and Epson printers, as well as CD-ROM imaging and burning.

As long as our coordinator's request was reasonable and could assist fellow practitioners, I took the initiative to learn whatever skills were needed and passed the knowledge on.

Never a Moment Wasted

The need for us to install NTD television satellite receivers became apparent in 2011. I asked Master for the ability to be able to do it. Our group stored NT I, II, and III satellite dishes from neighboring counties in our backyard, an area of about 100 square meters. Then we stored over 20 more receivers and other supplies in my house. My home had turned into a warehouse!

That same year, the coordinator assigned me to make informational booklets; I was responsible for coordinating the distribution of the booklets in the countryside.

Most fellow practitioners had limited financial resources. Yet, they did not hesitate to get involved in anything that was needed.

So with support from practitioners in the city, my husband and I decided to buy a motorcycle, tricycle, and electric vehicle to distribute the materials.

I produced the materials and then divided fellow practitioners into two teams. First, we learned all there was to know about the geographical surroundings of the county. Then some went to the countryside, while older practitioners took over the distribution of materials in the city. The electric vehicle was ideal for this. The car was used to distribute Dafa materials in distant townships.

Master's compassion opened my abilities in different ways, and almost every arrangement went very well.

Phone Calling Project

The latest project involved the use of cell phones to tell people about Dafa. At the beginning we did not know how to use them and just dialed each number individually. To get phone numbers, I rode a bicycle through the county and copied them from billboards.

Meanwhile, I started to learn a number of different uses for the cell phone. We purchased Dopod Mobile Phones and printed out memory technology tutorials.

But there were problems! The calling technology was not perfect at that time, the text on the phones was very small, and most of my fellow practitioners had never used smart phones before. The phones malfunctioned frequently, so our technician in the city was kept busy.

Our coordinator told me that, although we were involved in many projects, we needed to become efficient in the mobile phone calling project. He asked me to take the lead.

I then noticed an advertisement for Android phones, and it seemed that they could be used to send out voice truth-clarification messages.

Next, I learned all about Androids and did some research about installing software.

I discovered I could delete some of the software and make the phone useful for our purposes. However, I did not fully understand the process. Thankfully, my younger brother-in-law knew what was needed and helped me set up the path for memory cards during the Chinese New Year. The phone was ready!

The next step was to find phone numbers. Master helped us find the directory of the local government, which I put into a database. I made dozens of files. But when I re- opened them, the numbers were missing. But with the help of my children and husband, we solved this problem.

The coordinator divided the files and shared them with different teams. We repeated this process with fellow practitioners in our city.

It came as a great surprise when I took a taxi and heard the driver say that Falun Dafa voice calls were so good that he even recorded them. A passenger in the same taxi also wanted to share them with friends. When this passenger got out, I noticed that it was a location we had not covered during our door-to-door truth-clarifying efforts.