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Fellow Practitioners, Don't Sign These Documents!

February 17, 2016 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) Several practitioners in our area who had filed criminal complaints against Jiang Zemin, the former head of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), for initiating the persecution of Falun Dafa were recently arrested.

The provincial Political and Legal Affairs Committee ordered the police to carry out the arrests.

Some practitioners were harassed at home, some forcibly signed documents at the police station and others were detained. Dozens of practitioners were held in the city detention center.

Many practitioners refused to cooperate with the police, but some signed subpoenas or an administrative penalty. The following are excerpts from the documents practitioners had been told to sign.

1. Subpoena

____ (name) is subpoenaed to the police station ___ on ___ (date and time), for the crime of provocation. Those who fail to appear at the above-mention location and time will be forcefully subpoenaed.

Signature ___Seal of Police Department

2. Administrative Penalty

Based on an investigation, ___(name) attacked the Communist Party, the government, and government leader by arbitrarily filing a lawsuit for no reason at the Supreme People's Procuratorate by mail on ___ (Date), even though he/she is aware Falun Dafa had been labeled as an evil cult.

The above fact has been verified with the suspect's testimony, written evidence or recording.

I have been notified of this decision on the administrative penalty, and a copy of the decision has been delivered to ___ Police Station, ___ City Police Department.

Signature ___

“Crime of provocation” was also used as an excuse for an administrative penalty and detention.

Do Not Sign Police Documents

Practitioners are fully within their legal right to file criminal complaints against Jiang Zemin, so why should our legitimate actions be labeled as “crime of provocation,” “arbitrary lawsuit for no reason.” Isn't it an insult to ourselves if we sign these documents?

We have to stand firm on the side of justice. An ancient Chinese saying is that one would rather give up his life to uphold righteousness. We don't need to give up our lives for resisting signing police documents.

A practitioner I know firmly refused to cooperate with the police. The officers were terrible to her at first, but eventually softened their tone and looked at her in admiration. She was released without signing the documents.

By the same principle, some practitioners refused to sign police documents after they were arrested for talking to people about Falun Dafa on the street. On seeing the wording on the document “utilizing an evil cult and superstition to disturb public order,” a practitioner said calmly but firmly, “I have never done anything like this. I will not sign.” The police didn't argue with her and let her leave.

Some practitioners had sympathy for the police as they believed that they were only doing their job, and so we should work with them. These practitioners forgot that the police were carrying out the CCP's policy of persecution against innocent people. If we cooperate with them on this, aren't we essentially harming them? Many practitioners told the police about Dafa and the persecution with great compassion. A lot of police stopped committing more crimes against Dafa as a result.

The Political and Legal Affairs Committee and the Police Department have no power to investigate any criminal complaints filed at the Supreme People's Court and the Supreme People's Procuratorate. What they did was in serious violation of the law. These government employees should know this very clearly. Even though they sound overbearing when approaching us, they know they are in the wrong as soon as we point it out to them.

Master is in control of Fa rectification. What the old forces impose on us is a false appearance. They are trying to take advantage of some practitioners' loopholes to test them.

Master said:

“I'm saying that I don't acknowledge the old forces' interfering with Dafa disciples, because the Dafa disciples are my disciples, and nobody else is worthy of handling them. And even less could we let them succeed in their plot to use Dafa disciples and impose things on the Dafa disciples to achieve their goals, ruining my disciples.” (“Teaching the Fa at the Meeting with Asia-Pacific Students”)

Don't be intimidated by the evil appearance of the persecution. As long as we keep in mind that we are Dafa practitioners and remember Master and Dafa, we will be able to handle everything well, and leave no regrets for ourselves.

The above is my limited understanding. Please kindly point out anything inappropriate.