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Young Practitioner: Benefits I Received from Practicing Falun Dafa

February 10, 2016 |   By Guizhen, a young practitioner in Changchun City, China

(Minghui.org) I am a young Falun Dafa disciple who started practicing in 2011. I went to visit my grandmother, who has practiced Dafa since 1995, because I had an intuitive feeling that it was important to see her. After I entered her home, I asked her to please read Dafa books to me. She smiled and put down Zhuan Falun. She picked up a book of cultivation stories and began to read aloud.

“But those are just cultivation stories,” I said. "I want to read Zhuan Falun!” I picked up the book she had just put down and started to read. “This book is wonderful! Why didn't you let me read it earlier?” I asked her. Soon after, my body began to be purified, as it is described in the book

Protected from Danger

On my way to school on my bicycle, I was hit by a speeding motorbike on two occasions. One time I fell off the bike and landed on my face in the middle of the road. That motorbike rider appeared extremely scared. His gas tank was damaged. However, I had only a minor skin injury.

When I described the accidents to my grandmother, she said that Master had protected me. Since I had not practiced for long, my grandmother's practice must have benefited me as well.

There was also a time when I went with my father on a short hike. I tripped, lost my balance and rolled down the hill. My father watched in horror as I tumbled about 80 meters to the bottom. He thought I must have died, but he saw me stand up. He descended as quickly as possible. When he reached me, he noticed some scratches on my arms and legs, but there was no serious injury.

My father hugged me and sobbed. He was so relieved that I was not seriously hurt. I knew that it was Master who had protected me again! After that incident, my father no longer objected to me practicing Dafa with my grandmother.

Wisdom Opened

Before I practiced Dafa, my grades were poor. While in middle school, I was ranked in the last eighth of my class. I began to practice as a freshman in high school. At the end of the first semester, the school posted a ranking of approximately 3,000 students. Many students shoved their way to the bulletin board, looking for their names. Initially, I was afraid to see my ranking. Eventually, I was able to see the list. I looked for my name, starting from the bottom, but I did not see my name there. I was ecstatic to find my name in the top third of the class!

I am now in my third year of high school. My grades are in the top sixth of students. This has been a tremendous leap for me. This became reality because Master gave me wisdom. I am so grateful to Master!

Cured of an Acute Inflammation

One of my aunts also practices Falun Dafa. She told a story that happened at her workplace:

One day, her company hired three temporary workers to do some roofing maintenance. They rushed to finish the work so they could catch a train back to their hometown the next day. One of the workers kept running to the restroom because he suffered from an acute inflammation of the small intestines. My aunt told him to rest and recite, “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” The worker took her advice. Within ten minutes, he felt much better and returned to work.

The workers continued to work until 10:00 that night, and the one who had the affliction did not need to use the restroom more than normal. He said that he had recovered from his ailment.

Before he left for home the next day, he asked my aunt, “Could you please repeat the two sentences you told me to recite earlier? I am returning to my hometown. I want to remember them and tell all my family members.”

She told him the two sentences and gave him some truth-clarification materials. The worker thanked her.

My grandmother has also told me many cultivation accounts over the years. I believe that Dafa truly is wonderful! I will continue to cultivate diligently.