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A Tour of Taiwan

February 10, 2016 |   By a practitioner from China

(Minghui.org) My son and I recently went on a bus tour of Taiwan. During the eight-day tour, I was very impressed by what I saw.

People in Taiwan are peaceful and polite. They have managed to uphold Chinese traditions, and their streets are clean. Nevertheless, what moved me the most was the Falun Dafa practitioners in Taiwan. They used every opportunity to clarify the truth to the tourists visiting from Mainland China.

My Son Learns the Truth

I heard before the tour from fellow practitioners who had visited Taiwan that the Taiwanese practitioners were doing a phenomenal job of talking to people about Falun Dafa and the persecution. Thus, I wanted to take my son there in order to clear up his misunderstandings about the practice.

When our tour group arrived at the National Palace Museum, a group of Dafa practitioners who were clarifying the truth at the gate greeted us. They had set up a display board with information and photos that portrayed the truth about Falun Dafa, the Chinese Communist Party‚Äôs (CCP's) persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners, and vivid descriptions of the organ harvesting crimes committed by the CCP for profit.

Although it was a very hot day, some practitioners were doing the Falun Dafa exercises, while others distributed printed materials and advised people to withdraw from the CCP. They approached each and every tourist with a smile. They approached us to talk. I said from the bottom of my heart, "I am a practitioner from the Mainland. Thank you all. You are doing a great job!"

Most of the people in my tourist group agreed to withdraw from the CCP, and accepted the materials that explained the truth about the persecution. My son was very surprised when he witnessed this scene. He remarked, "There is indeed freedom in Taiwan!"

In the past, when I told him that people could practice Falun Dafa freely in Taiwan, he found it hard to believe.

At the gates of the Shihlin Official Residence, my son spent a long time reading the display boards the Taiwanese practitioners had set up. I explained more details to him, and he listened dutifully. When we visited Soong Mei-ling's room, my son came to understand that the textbooks in China are indeed inundated with lies. He was able to see, for the first time, the real history of the Jiang Zemin (former CCP leader) family. "I have really learned a lot during this trip!" he said.

The visit to the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall further cleared up any misconceptions my son had developed from reading textbooks from the Mainland. He spent a long time in front of the display boards while waiting for the bus. He also became very angry when he learned the facts about the CCP's harvesting of organs from Falun Dafa practitioners for profit.

A Change in Our Tour Guide's Attitude

At the first museum, a tour guide told our group that no one would be allowed to bring brochures or newspapers dealing with Falun Dafa onto the bus. The next day, as well, our Taiwanese tour guide made some negative remarks about Falun Dafa. I sent righteous thoughts to dissolve the evil interference behind him.

When we got off the bus, I walked with him and discussed what Falun Dafa actually is, as well as about the CCP's lies and the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners.

I also told him that he should help the tourists from the Mainland know the truth, and that by doing so, he himself would benefit as well. He told me that he would correct himself.

The next day, he talked about Falun Dafa to the whole group, but this time he conveyed a positive message. He said that everyone should respect an individual's freedom of belief. He added that the horrific organ harvesting instituted by the CCP was indeed true, and he also explained that Dafa practitioners are good people. He also encouraged tourists to learn more about the truth and take such booklets and brochures back to the Mainland.

I am very happy for our tour guide. He did a great thing for others and benefitted himself in the process.

Having returned from this trip, I cannot forget the scenes of Taiwanese practitioners clarifying the truth to tourists under the hot sun. I hope more people from Mainland China have the opportunity to visit Taiwan, in hopes of witnessing the wonders I experienced.