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Clarifying the Facts to People at Airports

December 02, 2016 |  

(Minghui.org) After a direct flight from Beijing to our city outside of China began to operate in June 2014, another practitioner began taking me to the airport to clarify the facts to the arrivals.

The Boeing 213-passenger aircraft serviced flights four times a week, and then it expanded to seven flights with daily routes the following year in May 2015. Another direct flight started from Shanghai, with one flight arriving every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday in June 2015.

The Beijing and Shanghai flights arrived 45 minutes apart. When both flights were full, there were over 400 Chinese passengers at the airport at the same time.

Many drivers came to the airport to pick up passengers. It was fairly easy to talk to them, because they were leisurely waiting. This was quite different from being at a sightseeing destination, where tourists are in a rush and always on the move.

Clarifying the Facts in Different Ways

I would often begin conversations with people and quickly bring up the crimes committed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). I would tell them about the importance of quitting any of the organizations they may have joined and to rescind the oaths they made, oaths that they would be held accountable for one day.

The majority of people I spoke to would agree to quit the Party.

The arriving passengers were often in a rush to leave, so it was more suitable to hand out flyers than to have a conversation.

It was relatively easy to speak to passengers waiting to be picked up. From 60 to 80 of them quit the CCP each time.

When we ran into students coming to attend school or tourist groups, the number of people who quit the Party could easily exceed 100.

Sometimes, I'd bring a particular elderly practitioner to the airport with me. She was very experienced at talking to people face-to-face. Even so, I told her to take it easy. If she could help only one person quit the Party, it would still count. After all, it all comes down to how Teacher wants things to be done; it is Teacher who arranges people with predestined relationships to hear the truth from us. It is Teacher who is saving them.

I realized that some of these people have come a long way. They were ready to quit the Party with our help because other practitioners had clarified the facts to them in the past.

When some people didn't understand, we talked to them a bit more in depth.

Teacher said,

“There is an increasing number of tourist groups from mainland China nowadays. This is an arrangement for people to hear the truth in a different setting.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2013 Western U.S. Fa Conference”)

One time I was talking to people in the main hall when a tour guide led a group of about 20 over. When he was busy talking to a person near him, I had a chance to talk to his tourists about quitting the Party. He just looked at me as he talked. After everyone in his group quit the Party, the tour guide gathered them together and left.

Obtaining a Permit

In July a Chinese tourist who was not clear about the truth complained about us to the airport authorities. They asked us to apply for a permit before we returned.

Teacher said,

“Remember: Wherever a problem occurs, that's where you need to clarify the facts.” (Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Lantern Festival)

After I told the coordinator of our team about this, the coordinator quickly contacted the practitioners who spoke English to clarify the facts to the airport management.

Practitioners sent letters to the airport management and the people in charge. They also tried to meet with senior management in-person. We handed informational materials to other relevant people.

Each time certain practitioners went to meet with the airport management, others of us sent forth righteous thoughts in close proximity to eliminate the interference and strengthen the practitioners' righteous thoughts.

In the interim, still other practitioners wrote letters to the airport management to clarify the facts. We continued our efforts for more than five months.

The airport management finally decided to meet with us. They then issued a permit in July for us to be at the airport on Thursdays and Saturdays.

I relocated to another city at the end of 2015 and did not return to visit until months later. During the summer, a practitioner from the area where I used to live came to our city and joined our Fa-study group.

She learned that a practitioner had handed out more than 20 copies of the Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Partyto tourists from China at the airport. She realized how important it is to clarify the facts at the airport and how difficult it was to obtain the permit.

After she returned, she invited other practitioners to take on the responsibility of going to the airport to clarify the facts. She took several elderly practitioners to the airport every Saturday.

It takes about four hours to get to the airport, with picking up and dropping off the practitioners who want to come. However, the airport is a great place for truth-clarification. The results are good, so I would encourage practitioners to take part in it.