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Divine Beings Complained to Master About My Cultivation

December 11, 2016 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) I have the understanding that each Falun Dafa disciple's cultivation was arranged a long time ago. The old forces arranged quite a number of divine beings around each of us. Some of them are responsible for reporting our cultivation status to our Master.

I often saw them complaining to Master about me. Some complaints are about cultivation gaps, but some are due to their wrong understandings of the true Fa based on old principles.

The first time I saw a divine being complain about me was when I didn't like my red face. I wished that I had a more beautiful face. The next day, I saw a group of beings surrounding Master. One of them, holding a notebook in hand, complained to Master that I didn't like my red face.

Master looked quite serious. I felt that I was like a child who had just made some mistakes and didn't dare to face Master.

I realized that when a being came to Earth to be human, his human life, including his human skin, had already been created by divine beings according to one's karma and predestined relationships. If we are not happy with it, it means we are unhappy with divine beings' arrangements and prefer things arranged according to our own wishes. How can that be possible? How can one repay his/her karmic debts in that case?

Of all the people in the world, how many don't like their looks? How many complain about their lives? How many hurt others in the pursuit of their own goals? Human desires can never be satiated. They can easily get lost if they let their desires control them. People in China are often messed up by the Communist Party culture. They fight for fame and personal gain and will often do anything for money. If you are a traditional person, others would say you are a fool and need to keep up with the times. How many people can be satisfied with the status quo and hold gratitude toward everything? How many can be content with the way their lives are arranged?

Dafa disciples cultivate amid everyday people. They live in an environment warped by Party culture, a philosophy of struggle, and disbelief in the divine. As a result, one is not satisfied with the status quo and want to change their living conditions and so on. Actually, everything has been arranged before one becomes a human being.

This incident of being reported to Master was a result of my attachment to my facial appearance. I did not keep my each and every thought on the Fa. I can never forget Master's serious expression.