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China Fahui | Falun Dafa Saves Brain-Damaged Infant (Part 1 of 2)

November 08, 2016 |   By Falun Gong practitioner Ma Zhongbo in Heilongjiang Province, China

(Minghui.org) My eldest daughter's first child was born in January 2015 by cesarean section. Because she bled profusely, the medical staff decided that she needed a blood transfusion.

The hospital then realized that they had wrongly labeled her blood type as RhD positive, even though it was actually RhD negative, which is a rare blood type. Only about 1 in 1,000 people have RhD negative blood, and no blood of that type could be found in any local or regional hospitals.

The hospital did not disclose their error and just said that they were stemming the bleeding with physical pressure. Medical staff worked around the clock, while I advised her to silently recite, “Falun Dafa is good.” Seven hours later, doctors informed us that she was out of danger.

Facing Mortal Danger

Although my daughter was now stable, her child was unresponsive and refused to drink even sugar water. That evening my son-in-law’s aunt, a doctor in Harbin City, visited the newborn. She couldn't understand why the doctors had not given her a blood transfusion even though my daughter had lost so much blood. On questioning, the hospital admitted their error and informed us of my daughter’s unique blood type.

My son-in-law’s aunt explained that the newborn would be in danger if she shared her father's RhD positive blood type instead of her mother's RhD negative blood type. An RhD positive child born to an RhD negative mother risks developing hemolytic anemia, which means that red blood cells get destroyed and removed from the bloodstream. That would mean that the newborn would require a blood transfusion of red blood cells of the correct blood type. Our local hospital was unequipped to handle such a transfusion, and the baby would have to be transferred to the provincial hospital in Harbin for treatment.

After examining the baby, the doctor informed us that she was in critical condition. My son-in-law’s aunt asked that she be transferred to the provincial hospital in Harbin. The doctor dissuaded her, saying, “The child won’t survive the journey. The stress from moving her will most probably cause her to die from heart failure.”

My son-in-law’s aunt had sent the baby's test results to an expert in Harbin for advice. The diagnosis was that the baby suffered from cerebral palsy, cerebella hypoplasia, and a large benign tumor in her brain, and that the baby was mentally disabled. The mental disabilities were not life-threatening--it was her mother’s incompatible antibodies that were putting her life at risk. Essentially, my granddaughter would not survive for long.

The news stunned our entire family and left everyone in tears. We had kept my daughter in the dark regarding her child’s true condition. At this point, my son-in-law’s aunt advised my son-in-law to convince my daughter to visit her dying child in the newborn ward. My daughter agreed to see her.

My husband, who was attending my niece’s wedding in another city, was informed and got ready to return home.

Turning to Dafa

The doctor’s diagnosis left me stunned. My son-in-law’s aunt confirmed that there was no hope for the child.

“I refuse to give up,” I said. “I am a Falun Gong practitioner, so I can ask my master to help save this child. I would like to let her listen to a recording of my master’s lecture. Is this acceptable?”

“The hospital cannot save this child,” said the aunt after a slight hesitation. “Even my sister has prayed for divine aid at a Buddhist temple. There is nothing to lose—go ahead and let her listen.”

My brother’s wife and his daughter, however, objected. “The child is already at death’s door and too young to understand the recording. Your useless actions can only offer false hope, and it leaves you open to mockery!”

Prophetic Dreams

I recalled a dream I'd had two days before, where my son-in-law’s mother had appeared before me and said, “Your daughter is due to give birth within two days. Please take good care of her child.”

My son-in-law’s mother had passed away before I had the opportunity to meet her. Moreover, my daughter still had 20 days left before she was due to give birth.

I called my son-in-law and gave him a description of his mother as she appeared in my dream. To my surprise, he confirmed my description, which puzzled me further. My son-in-law’s mother was especially close to her younger sisters. Instead of appearing before them, why did she choose to appear before me? Recalling the incident, I wondered if this was a sign that the child was supposed to be saved by Dafa.

While mulling over this incident, I went back to my daughter’s ward. As soon as she saw me, my daughter exclaimed, “Mother, I just had a terrible nightmare! I dreamed I was carrying my daughter and running away from a sword-wielding man who was determined to cut her.”

I exchanged a shocked glance with my son-in-law. My daughter had no idea that her child was fighting for her life. From my daughter’s description and my granddaughter’s condition, it seemed like creditors from my granddaughter’s past life were determined to collect repayment for debts owed. 

At that moment, I realized why my son-in-law’s mother had appeared in my dreams. She knew the child would face imminent danger and approached me specifically for help. As a Dafa practitioner, I would be able to protect her grandchild.

I went home to get my MP3 audio player. At home, I burned incense, knelt, and begged Master to save my grandchild. I knew that if the child were to remain as an ordinary person, Master would not be able to save her. Therefore, I promised to guide the child on the path of cultivation. Plus, her recovery would also convince others of Dafa’s amazing powers.

My husband arrived at the hospital that afternoon. After hearing about our granddaughter’s condition and the hospital’s inability to save her, he turned to me. “Quick, let her listen to your recording of Master’s lectures.”

Having witnessed my miraculous recovery years earlier, my husband was convinced that Dafa was our last hope.

Dafa's Extraordinary Power

I put one earphone through a hole in the incubator, placed the earpiece next to the child's ear, and kept the other earpiece for myself. I listened to the Fa intently with her.

Within two hours, my granddaughter began to cry. We offered her a bottle of milk and she immediately drank 15 milliliters. My son-in-law and his family were encouraged. “Quickly, let her continue to listen!” he said.

I sat down beside my granddaughter and let her listen to the lectures for another two hours. Soon after, she began moving her arms and legs. She then drank another 30 milliliters of milk.

Master had saved my granddaughter's life! The next morning, several doctors visiting the newborn ward were amazed to find the child alive and well. They ordered a battery of tests and were astounded by the results. The baby's blood glucose levels had risen, and her bilirubin levels had dropped. The doctors confirmed that she was well on her way to a complete recovery.

Over the next two days, I continued to listen to the lectures with my granddaughter, breaking at intervals to send forth righteous thoughts. Then one of my earpieces stopped working. So I bought a new set, but only one side worked. Left with no choice, I told my granddaughter, “Only one earpiece works. Let us take turns to listen to the lecture. I’ll go first.” My son-in-law overheard me and frantically told me, “You must continue to let her listen to the lectures!” I told him of my predicament, and he told me that he would connect the two separate working earpieces together, which he did.

Many People Learn the Truth

Because it was winter, many patients were admitted to the hospital for respiratory ailments and thus learned about my granddaughter’s situation. My family received many well wishes from visitors throughout our ordeal.

The hospital's resident patients also offered their support to our family and began requesting updates on the baby's condition. Amazed to hear that the seriously ill baby had recovered overnight, they asked for an explanation. This was an opportunity for many people to learn about the goodness of Dafa and the miracle that had taken place.

Many were left in admiration of Dafa’s powers, and more than 20 people quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) that day.

(To be continued)