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China Fahui | Falun Dafa Saves Brain-Damaged Infant (Part 2 of 2)

November 13, 2016 |   By Falun Dafa practitioner Ma Zhongbo in Heilongjiang Province, China

(Minghui.org) (Continued from Part 1)

The birth of a baby to a mother with a rare blood type (RhD negative) not only resulted in bleeding problems for the mother, but also life-threatening symptoms for the newborn. The child faced mental disabilities that were not life-threatening, but the mother's incompatible antibodies put the child's life at risk.

The grandmother, a Falun Dafa practitioner, convinced the family that only Falun Dafa could save the child. Listening to Master's Fa lectures with the grandmother, the child's condition improved and doctor's predicted complete recovery.

Outcome Depends on Belief in Master and the Fa

On release from the hospital, doctors suggested that Yueyue, the baby girl, would require injections to supply nutrition to the brain. They argued that the treatment would be only effective if given during the first three months after birth.

My son-in-law's aunts wanted to follow the doctors' advice, while I understood that there would be trials in cultivation practice. Not only would the demons try to interfere, but also Master would not remove all tribulations. The outcome would still depend on the degree of my belief in Master and the Fa.

Medical Intervention Irrelevant

I suggested that I take care of Yueyue and let her listen to the Fa lectures. I was certain that if we treated Yueyue for cerebral palsy and brain tumors, she would still be controlled by sickness karma. Dafa is extraordinary, yet we have to follow Dafa's extraordinary principles. Only then can we negate and transcend the interference of sickness karma.

My son-in-law's aunts insisted that Yueyue be given injections. Yet I remembered that my terminal illnesses, breast cancer, and avascular necrosis of the hip were cured without medications or injections. Although an x-ray still shows the disruption of blood supply to my hip, I walk the same as anyone who is “healthy.” An x-ray does not give the true picture.

My recovery is extraordinary, which made me believe that as long as I hold firm in my belief in Dafa, the baby would also transcend everyday principles and sickness karma.

Resolving Dilemma

My daughter was intimidated by her husband's aunts. She did not dare say a word. I took this as a trial for me to pass. I could not get into a dispute with my in-laws' family. I decided to talk to my son-in-law.

“The hospital issued a notice of critical condition,” I said. “Local doctors and your aunt, who was in the hospital, all said the baby was doomed. The doctors already gave up on treatments with medication. Why did your aunts insist on the effectiveness of medications?”

My son-in-law listened to my reasoning, but also knew that his aunts had good intentions. After much soul searching, he decided it was better that the baby listen to the Fa lectures. He decided to believe what he saw, which was to believe in and rely on Dafa.

His aunts were furious. He told them that they were the ones who said that there was no treatment that would save his baby. He also saw that Yueyue woke up after listening to the Fa. His aunts stopped interfering and told him since it was his child, he had the final say.

We did not take the baby to the hospital for a check-up. Instead, I visited her frequently. On arrival at my daughter's home, I turned off the television and played Master's Fa lectures. The baby listened, and from her expression she appeared to understand the Fa.

There was a cradle at my daughter's home, which my daughter was going to remove. I insisted to keep the cradle. When my daughter was not around, I put Yueyue in the cradle, and she lay quietly in it and listened to the Fa with me until she fell asleep.

I also sent forth righteous thoughts for her and told others about her recovery, hoping they would come to know more about Falun Dafa.

One day, Yueyue came down with a fever and had a rash on her face. My daughter called her husband, who told her to bring the baby to me. On her way to my home, people told her to take the baby to the hospital.

I placed Yueyue in the bed and played Master's Fa lectures. She stopped crying, turned a few times, and fell asleep. I sent righteous thoughts next to her. When she woke up, her fever was gone and so was the rash.

Defying Empirical and Scientific Thinking

My son-in-law's aunts watched Yueyue's growth. They suggested to my daughter behind my back that she should take Yueyue to the hospital for treatments, and not to listen to me in case treatments were delayed. Every time they saw Yueyue, they would test her intelligence and physical growth.

Doctors had predicted that Yueyue would live a year or two, and that she would never be cured. No matter what kind of treatment, she would always be handicapped. My son-in-law's aunts could not believe that a baby who was given such a diagnosis would grow up normally without treatment by simply believing in Falun Dafa. They harbored deep suspicion that Yueyue was not normal in many ways and kept testing her. They could not accept the fact that Yueyue was just like any other baby, which defies thinking fostered by empirical science.

My sister-in-law's family had seen the baby when she was in critical condition. They did not believe that the baby had fully recovered by simply listening to the Fa. When Yueyue was over three months old, we took her to my sister-in-law's home.

When we handed Yueyue to her, she was smiling. My sister-in-law wanted to test the baby's intelligence. She put on a stern look, and said three times, “You go back to your home!” Yueyue burst into cries. We could not stop her.

My sister-in-law felt quite embarrassed. She figured Yueyue had to be disabled and would not understand what she had said. She figured Yueyue would forget what happened given a few months. Little Yueyue did not forget. When she saw my sister-in-law a couple of months later, she did not want to be held by her, nor did she accept anything from her.

My sister-in-law, who had not believed in Dafa, was now convinced that it had extraordinary power. She told her family and others about the preciousness of Dafa.

Some of our relatives told my daughter not to listen to me, which would delay any treatments. My daughter discussed with me whether to take Yueyue to the hospital for examinations.

“Yueyue is only a few months old, and she does not walk yet,” I said. “If you take her to the hospital and have an x-ray taken, you will think that she is ill. This may result in sickness just because of your thoughts. If you see the false x-ray, get worried, and stop believing in Dafa, there will be trouble. Do you think you can remain undisturbed?”

She did not take the child for an x-ray.

Test Passed

When Yueyue was 100 days old, she was taken to my son-in-law's grandfather's home. My son-in-law's aunts were all there. They examined her carefully. They were still suspicious that Yueyue was not normal.

One aunt held Yueyue's hand and indicated to grab a flower, and then let go of Yueyue's hand. Yueyue seemed to understand the hint and grabbed the flower. My daughter videotaped this scene on her phone. The second aunt credited me for not taking Yueyue for injections, which would have been rather painful.

During the holiday my son-in-law's aunts tested Yueyue again. They gave her a pork foot, which she held in her left hand. They gave her a second foot, which she held in her right hand. Then they gave her a third foot. Yueyue placed one foot between her teeth to free up a hand to take the third foot, which amazed everyone at the table. No one ever questioned Yueyue's intelligence again.

Relatives and family have watched Yueyue turn on her back, sit up, crawl, walk, and talk. Her brain, four limbs, and intelligence are all normal. Everyone ended up accepting Dafa.

Yueyue, over one year old, active and intelligent

Forgetting Lessons Learned

I feel that a baby's illness is related to adults, related to whether adults are accumulating virtue or losing virtue. As a result, I have paid attention to my own cultivation and told others about what happened to Yueyue.

However, people tend to forget the lessons they have learned. When Yueyue turned one, she walked and talked just like a normal child. My daughter said that the child had no serious illness and no longer let her listen to the Fa.

My husband agreed with her and forbid that I tell others that Yueyue had recovered after listening to the Fa. He claimed that the illness was cured as part of the baby's normal growth. I thought, “How could he claim something that he knew to be untrue?”

I tried to persuade them, but my daughter refused to let Yueyue listen to the Fa.

I grew tired and helpless. I gave up taking care of Yueyue and gave up my responsibility of leading Yueyue down the road of cultivation. I violated my vow, which I made in front of Master's picture.

As a result, Yueyue suddenly developed a serious fever and cramps. She was taken to the hospital. My daughter was terrified. She shouted and cried, while my son-in-law questioned Dafa. I decided to stay away from the accusations, especially since Yueyue had not listened to the Fa for quite sometime. Besides, the adults that took care of her had stopped believing in Dafa.

Master had taken care of Yueyue. She was cured after staying in the hospital for four days. On the afternoon of checking out, my daughter, without much thought, asked for a CAT scan. Everyone thought Yueyue's four limbs and brain were completely normal and that the birth defects had disappeared.

However, the CAT scan pictures showed that all the problems that were present at birth remained present. The doctors told my daughter that cerebral palsy was extremely serious. She must be hospitalized for immediate treatment, they said.

The doctors located medical records taken at Yueyue's birth and determined that the tumors had grown in size. My daughter was scared. She cried and called her husband and her father.

It took the doctors a long time to diagnose Yueyue. The director of the CAT scan department asked my daughter for more information. My daughter told him Yueyue had been quite normal. The director found it quite incomprehensible. The doctor in charge of Yueyue's treatment also confirmed that she was normal. The director said this was the first time the child did not match what was on the picture of a CAT scan.

Upon hearing this, my son-in-law told my daughter, “Why are you crying? Our child does not match what's in the picture. She doesn't have those illnesses!”

My daughter then realized it too. “Right, our child is normal in every way,” she said. “She doesn't match what's in the picture. And doesn't this imply that she has no illness?”

When I heard about this, I knew it was the same situation I was in. My hip bones were dead. On a bad day, I would not be able to walk, while experiencing excruciating pain. After cultivating in Dafa, I now walk and live normally. Still, the CAT scan show dead hip bones. Yueyue has truly been taken care of by Master.

The next day, I told the doctors about the miracle after I started cultivation practice. I also told them how Yueyue had recovered. The doctors listened quietly and kept nodding. They asked me to take a picture of the diagnosis. It was a big shock to them, as the knowledge they acquired in Western medicine was still rather limited and shallow when compared to cultivation in Buddha Fa.

Full Recovery Brings Change of Mind

My husband rushed to my daughter's home. This time he was speechless. He has since stopped scolding me. He was also scared by the consequences. Actually, he had decided to have me work odd jobs out of town. Now, he changed his mind and asked me to stay at home to take care of Yueyue.

My husband was in a cafeteria one day. Someone was disrespectful toward Master. As my husband was filled with gratitude to Master after Yueyue's healing, he stopped him right away.

“What's wrong with Falun Dafa,” he said. “Does it hurt you? Is there anything wrong with Falun Dafa? You'd better give us a good explanation, otherwise I'm not letting you get off the hook.”

He then gave the full account of his grandchild's extraordinary recovery. No one said another word against Dafa.

Yueyue is now 19 months old. To validate the Fa, I took her to the Harbin Medical University for examination. The doctor said she was fully recovered.

Dafa has again saved my family. It is truly like what Master taught us: “Haven’t I said that with one person practicing, the whole family benefits?” (Teaching the Fa at the Fa Conference in Australia)

What I have talked about in this two-part article has gone beyond empirical science. In fact, every practitioner genuinely cultivating in Dafa can tell of many extraordinary experiences that have taken place around them.

(The end)