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Improvement of Truth Clarification Efforts in Hong Kong

October 31, 2016 |   By a Falun Dafa Practitioner in Hong Kong

(Minghui.org) Greetings esteemed Master and fellow practitioners:

I am a Hong Kong Falun Dafa practitioner who started practicing through truth clarification materials distributed by practitioners. Since I liked reading them, my wife brought home more of them.

I soon started to read the Epoch Times online most nights. I had been interested in current issues since childhood. The Epoch Times satisfied my interests and was very helpful in guiding me toward cultivation. Although I do not remember the exact date when I started to practice, it seemed to be a very natural process.

I went on a business trip to Japan in February 2006 and remember looking at the beautiful clouds in the sunset sky from my hotel window, telling myself, “I am on the path of cultivation. I am a Dafa practitioner. Master is looking after me now!” I felt very happy and content, and thought that I must cultivate well to be worthy of Master's compassionate salvation.

During the first few years of my cultivation I did not meet any practitioners. However, I never wavered in my cultivation, and tried to always improve. I also read a lot of experience sharing articles by practitioners from inside and outside of China on the Minghui and Pure Insight websites. Their experiences were very helpful. I think all of those stories are proof of Dafa’s amazing power and Master’s compassion and greatness. “Thank you Master” was a phrase I often chanted.

Getting to Know the Ways of a Dafa Practitioner

I required myself to be a good person, and I quit smoking and improved my temper. At work, I don’t argue, I help everyone and am considerate. At home, I tried to take on more chores and I am more willing to take care of our parents. I understood that Master wants us to be the best person we can be. I just could not fathom why the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) persecutes such a great practice.

A few months after obtaining the Fa, I suddenly realized that I also needed to do the exercises, but there was no one around to teach me. I downloaded Master’s exercise instruction videos and learned all the five exercises within a few nights. At first, I did not know how long I should practice each exercise and did the entire set in about half-an-hour. Master encouraged me. I sometimes experienced feelings that Master had mentioned in his publications, and it made me more confident in my cultivation.

Master said,

“What will happen is that when you go sit there you’ll feel wonderful, like you’re sitting in an eggshell, and you’ll feel really good, you’ll know that you are cultivating, but you’ll feel like your whole body can’t move.” (Zhuan Falun)

During the first few years of my cultivation, I passed many tests, such as fear, sentimentality toward family, and sickness karma. Some tests were really painful. I stumbled through many hardships, but never wavered in my faith. This tells me that we just need to firmly believe in Master and study the Fa more to pass all tests.

My family also benefited from my cultivation. My son used to have mediocre grades, but moved up and was among the top students, was accepted into a top university, and was offered a great job after graduation. Also, my younger brothers and sisters got more stable careers. After my cultivation, everything improved for my family members.

I then learned that practitioners also needed to clarify the truth about Dafa. I tried to slowly find out how to go about it. I first started to clarify the truth in chat rooms on the internet. Although, I did not do very well in the beginning, I stumbled along. During the process, I truly understood Master’s teaching.

Master said,

“As long as you are doing things out of a wish to validate the Fa and save sentient beings, I will affirm all that you do. And when you go do those things, there will be my Law Bodies or gods there to amplify it and make what you do yet more magnificent and extraordinary, and they will assist you.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2008 New York Conference” from Teaching the Fa at the Conference VIII)

Meeting Fellow Practitioners

The Shen Yun performance in Hong Kong was canceled at the beginning of 2010 due to interference by the CCP and the Hong Kong government. During a protest against the CCP’s interference, I finally met other Hong Kong practitioners. With the help of fellow practitioners, I started a new phase on my cultivation path.

During group activities, such as rallies and parades, I met many fellow practitioners. By associating with them, I could find my own shortcomings and urged myself to do better.

Sometimes, when I joined truth clarification and Fa validating activities, I could face my fear and could recognize my attachment to showing off and validating myself. I kept reminding myself to let go of those human notions.

Sabotage of Truth Clarification Sites

When Leung Chun-ying took office as the chief executive of Hong Kong in mid-2012, the Youth Care Association, backed by the CCP and Leung Chun-ying, started to sabotage our truth clarification sites. They brought the unlawful CCP’s persecution methods to Hong Kong. Many practitioners were verbally abused, beaten, and even falsely accused. The Hong Kong police and government departments turned a blind eye to those incidents, and some even collaborated with the Youth Care Association.

My work experience in the Hong Kong’s district council and community work before obtaining the Fa came in handy. We needed practitioners to negotiate with the police and government departments. We also helped practitioners who were falsely accused to deal with police investigations, go through court procedures and defend themselves. I was the best suited to guide my fellow practitioners.

I handled court cases of practitioners who were falsely accused by the Youth Care Association. This was also a process on my cultivation path, a process to let go of fear and many other attachments. At the same time, cooperation among practitioners was imperative. We needed to cultivate well, clarify the truth,validate the Fa, and coordinate and cooperate well with each other.

Evil will never prevail over goodness. We had to win the cases to minimize the loss for these practitioners. We achieved this goal after overcoming a lot of hardships.

We set up even more truth clarification sites. Hong Kong practitioners’ clarifying the truth is only getting better, and we are maturing.

On the surface, the Youth Care Association is corrupt and seems to bring the CCP’s persecution to Hong Kong. However, when we firmly believe in Master and the Fa and coordinate well with each other, the Youth Care Association is nothing.

Master said,

“When disciples have ample righteous thoughtsMaster has the power to turn back the tide” (The Master-Disciple Bond from Hong Yin Vol. II)

“Master is here, and the Fa is here, so nothing will get out of hand.” (“On the Responses to the Piece About Assistant Souls”)

Mobile Truth Clarification Booths

The Hong Kong Falun Dafa Association suggested that I set up mobile truth clarification booths. I thought that this would provide a new opportunity to spread the truth. I and fellow practitioners cooperated to set up mobile booths, aiming to cover the entire Hong Kong territory.

We set up one booth for signing a petition that calls for an end to the CCP's forced organ harvesting from living practitioners, Then we set up booths to distribute the Epoch Times Special Issues, Minghui Weekly, Nine Commentaries, signing petitions in support of lawsuits against Jiang Zemin and to spread other related news.

In an effort to let everyone learn the truth, we covered more and more areas. We distribute the Minghui Weekly, Epoch Times Special Issues, and some other informational materials. The result turned out great. The Minghui Weekly is becoming increasingly more popular with Hong Kong citizens.

The mobile truth clarification booths can distribute between 10,000 and 20,000 Dafa materials a week. If we include materials distributed at all other truth clarification sites, biweekly territory-wide distribution, and individual practitioners’ distribution, the total number could reach 50,000 copies weekly.

Minghui Weekly

About 30,000 people accept the Minghui Weekly on a weekly basis. The content of the Minghui Weekly is rich and comprehensive in content and has become really popular. As soon as the Minghui Weekly becomes available, people start reading it. We see people on benches reading this Dafa paper or just standing on the sidewalk to read it. Some read in fast-food shops, or on trains. People look forward to finding out the facts about Falun Dafa.

Before we offer a copy to a passersby, they ask for one. After receiving a Minghui Weekly, some people thank us with their hands pressed together in front of their chest. Some walk past us, but turn around and come back for a copy. Some not only get a copy for themselves, but also copies for family and friends.

Other Dafa publications have also become very popular. We clearly feel the change. More and more people now understand the facts about Falun Dafa. We used to distribute about 60,000 Dafa informational materials each week, but the demand is much higher now.

Challenges Resolved Harmoniously

I felt Master’s compassionate guidance and protection whenever we set up the mobile truth clarification booths. Master has given us the wisdom to improve our work flow, and to be more proficient and organized.

More practitioners have come to help to distribute the Dafa materials, and among them are new practitioners. They gain experience while working on our project, and them move on to other projects. But, we never lack help, as more new practitioners arrive.

Our mobile truth clarification booths have become a great platform for new practitioners to clarify the truth, as well as a great way to spread the facts all across Hong Kong.

We went to a large residential area for the first time on a Sunday. The street was as busy as the Hong Kong City Center. People seemed to know that we were coming and waited on the sidewalk for us. The number of newsletters we distributed that day broke our past record.

To our surprise, when we were shorthanded in certain areas more practitioners showed up. When we were disturbed by those influenced by the CCP, a lot more people would come to take truth clarification materials. This greatly encouraged us. Any challenge would be resolved harmoniously. We seemed to be the ones doing the work, but it was actually all under Master’s compassionate arrangement and protection.

Hong Kong has a population of seven million people, and a large number of tourists from mainland China arrive in Hong Kong every day. I hope to make improvements in our truth clarification project and cover more areas. I also hope that more practitioners will join the effort in Hong Kong.

Thank you, Master and fellow practitioners!

(Presented at the 2016 San Francisco Falun Dafa Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference)