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Cultivating Myself as a Project Manager

January 09, 2016 |   By a practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) I started practicing Falun Dafa with my parents in 1996 when I was 13 years old. Cultivation transformed me from a weak, often sick kid to a healthy and strong young man.

My father was disabled by a workplace accident. After practicing Dafa, he regained his health and full ability, and thus became well-known in the local area. After the persecution began, the authorities ordered my parents to get on TV and lie to the world that Dafa did not heal him and that he remained disabled all along. They threatened that, if my parents wouldn't do it, the police would beat him until he was disabled and then show him on TV.

The three of us made a decision to flee the city with a bag full of Dafa books and two bicycles. Giving up everything sometimes means gaining everything. Under Master's care and arrangement, our rental apartments and lives in general became better every time we moved; I also landed a dream job with my current company right after graduation. I have worked at the same company for the last 11 years. Below are a few cultivation stories that took place at my workplace.

No Kickbacks from Contractors

Demanding and providing kickbacks are very common in society and in my workplace, since my company outsources many projects to contractors. Because I follow Dafa's teachings on money, wealth, and de (virtue), I always refused kickback offers by the bidding contractors. I would tell them to remove the kickback money from their considerations so that their bids would be more competitive. They would thank me and tell me that they wished everyone would do the same.

Staying Away from Alcohol at Work Meals

As I was honest and kind to everyone at work, I was promoted to work in the marketing division. I started to run into situations where I had to attend meals with coworkers and counterparts from collaborating companies. Initially, I would make up all kinds of excuses to avoid drinking alcohol, such as “I have to drive afterwards” or “I am allergic to alcohol.”

One time, I was going to have a work lunch in a city with a heavy drinking culture. I was worried and pleaded to Master for help. At the lunch, the company head suddenly announced that there would be an important meeting in the afternoon and that no alcohol would be served this time. I was overjoyed to hear that and thanked Master.

However, I knew I could not ask Master for help each and every time. Master had already told us how people making business contacts and entertaining customers should deal with drinking alcohol. Master's teaching is the Fa. If I follow the Fa, I will naturally achieve the state of “Nobody will force you to drink alcohol.” (Zhuan Falun) Now, at business meals, my coworkers would preemptively tell the clients that I don't drink alcohol. They would also order soft drinks for me. I don't need to worry about it anymore.

Well Known for Promoting Our Products

I don't know how and when I became well-known in my company as being very good at demonstrating and promoting our products to clients. Coworkers from various provincial branches always want me to go there to help them with promotion. At first, I thought it was a waste of my time in cultivation. But later through studying the Fa, I realized it was Master's arrangement for me to tell more people about Dafa and that those coworkers were all awaiting my telling them about Dafa and the persecution. Therefore, I never complained again and embarked on my trips happily.

A few days ago, a coworker understood that I was a practitioner as I had talked to her about Dafa. She told me, “No wonder you can promote our products so well! It's related to your practice of Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance. When you talk to customers, you're earnest, honest, and trustworthy, which makes our customers more receptive.” I suddenly realized that years of cultivation in Dafa had gradually changed me and assimilated me into the Fa. That has manifested in my daily life and work.

Treating Coworkers as Brothers and Sisters

As a practitioner, I don't chase after personal interests and fame. Instead, I strive to be considerate and look out for coworkers' interests. One time, I got the chance to talk to coworkers from a subordinate organization. They complained about their problems to middle management, who would not report it to higher levels within the company to avoid trouble for themselves. Therefore, I wrote a brief letter to the company leadership explaining the situation, without thinking about what it could bring upon myself. At a large-scale company meeting, I was asked to voice my opinion in public. To my surprise, all the middle managers unanimously agreed. Thus, the problem was soon resolved.

In my daily work, I have to work with women all the time. A lot of them are young, attractive, and outgoing. I am deeply aware of the teachings on relations between men and women. I don't want to make a mistake and leave a loophole for the old forces to take advantage of.

Whenever I had to meet with female coworkers in my hotel, I would leave the door to my hotel room open during the meeting. Sometimes, female coworkers needed to go get some items that they left at home, and they would invite me to come in to their homes. As I realized no one else was home, I would politely refuse the invitation and wait outside instead.

I also shared my life experience with coworkers and treated them like brothers and sisters. They felt comfortable talking to me about their troubles in life. At these opportunities, I would tell them stories I heard from Minghui Radio. Gaining their trust this way laid a solid foundation, upon which I could tell them about Dafa later.

I have one last thing to share about writing experience sharing articles. Once I was determined to write it down, my mind suddenly opened up. I enlightened that a lot of things I experienced were meticulously arranged by Master, an understanding that had eluded me before. Writing down our cultivation experiences not only helps the Minghui website, but it is also a precious opportunity to look retrospectively upon our paths and nurture stronger righteous thoughts for more diligent advancement in our cultivation. Fellow practitioners should not use various excuses to avoid the responsibility. Writing experience sharing articles is for none other but ourselves.