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Being Considerate of Other Practitioners' Safety

January 28, 2016 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) I noticed that even though some practitioners do the three things well, they are not careful about using cell phones. I would like to share three, local related stories. I hope this will help us be more considerate of fellow practitioners' safety.

Practitioner A

Practitioner A is warmhearted, and encouraged many practitioners to step up and save as many people as possible. We all respect her, and many practitioners openly praise her.

However, her practitioner husband told me that she is often careless about safety, and asked me to talk to her. When I mentioned the issue, she became upset, and told me not to come to her “unsafe” home again.

I realized that I had pointed out her disregard for safety, without sharing my concern based on the Fa.

So, I told her a few things that happened at her place.

A few years ago, I returned home after traveling to other provinces. My granddaughter and I went to visit practitioner A. I noticed two men playing cards. They stopped playing cards and watched us closely as we walked by.

At that time, I didn't realize they were plainclothes police officers. They didn't recognize me, since I had recently returned.

Soon after I left, two practitioners came to visit practitioner A and they were stopped by those officers. Just then, one of the police officers received a phone call. The practitioners immediately walked out of the building, hailed a taxi, and left.

I once told practitioner A that one of her rooms could be easily observed from the apartment across the road, and that the authorities were using binoculars to monitor anyone who visited her.

More than thirty practitioners were arrested later that same day. Some were imprisoned, and some were sentenced to forced labor.

After being released from forced labor, one practitioner said that the police told her that they were watching practitioner A's apartment, and had been tapping the phones of many practitioners for a long time.

Practitioner B

Practitioner B is involved in many Fa-validation projects. She also helped me greatly, and encouraged me to be more diligent.

The first time I went to her house, I noticed that she had a cellphone on the table while practitioners came and went.

I mentioned being mindful of cellphone safety. Using cellphones can help save people, but if we are careless, our phones can also be used by police as recorders and listening devices.

When we have compassion, and sincerely care about the safety of fellow practitioners, we will take necessary precautions when we're around other practitioners. For example, we should remove our cellphone battery 30 minutes before visiting a practitioner, remove our cellphone battery when a fellow practitioner arrives, and use public phones to contact practitioners.

Now, when I go to practitioner B's house, she immediately turns off her cellphone and puts it in another room.

Phone Number Safety

One practitioner's husband sometimes attends local government meetings. He heard that the phone numbers listed on the forms for suing Jiang Zemin are being monitored by the authorities. However, the local authorities have not yet been ordered to do anything.

I suggest that we shouldn't use the phone numbers listed in our lawsuits to call fellow practitioners. Some practitioners don't want to waste the money stored on their SIM cards, but I feel that otherwise we are being careless about the safety of fellow practitioners.

Even though the environment is getting easier for many practitioners, we still need to be mindful of our safety.