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Removing Fear While Making Phone Calls

January 19, 2016 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner outside of China

(Minghui.org) Greetings, esteemed Master and fellow practitioners!

I am honored to speak during this year's Fa conference. I wish to share with you my experiences in making phone calls on the RTC platform. This platform is a very good cultivation environment provided by Master.

On the RTC battlefield, Dafa disciples fight with evil beings and eliminate demons. Practitioners cooperate with one another to save sentient beings. I have been fortunate to participate and be a part of this project.

Correcting Misconceptions

Before I participated in the RTC project, I thought that this project is flexible because I could chose from so many different time slots. I could make phone calls when I was not too busy, especially up to 10 p.m. I thought this was an undemanding project, so I asked a practitioner to set me up for making phone calls.

The test came when I began to make phone calls. I felt nervous and scared, so I decided to learn from fellow practitioners before going online. Therefore, I listened in when fellow practitioners made phone calls.

Learning the Ropes

Then, I went online and joined a group called the rescue platform, where we make calls to explain the truth to those in the judicial system who participate in the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners, such as detention centers, prisons, and 610 Offices. The practitioner who chaired the session asked another practitioner to teach me and others the ropes. However, the male practitioner just told us the basics, gave a brief introduction, and then assigned a case to each of us. He also gave us a script and said that we could read from the script if needed.

I was not prepared for this, but forced myself to dial the numbers. I was nervous and started to sweat. I finished dialing all of my assigned numbers, but none went through. I felt relieved, because I did not need to speak.

Then, I told the male practitioner that not a single phone call went through. He encouraged me, “No problem! Even the ringing of the phone can shake the evil.” Then, he gave me another package of phone numbers.

When dialing the numbers, I thought, “I hope it will not go through.” Then, I realized that this is not right. If I don't want to make contact, why on earth am I dialing the numbers? No, I should not think that way. Then, someone picked up the phone. A voice said, “Hello?” I was shaken: “Wow! It went through.” Without hesitation, I began to read the script. I was so nervous and felt my voice change. The person listened quietly while I read the script. After a while, he hung up.

State of Mind Affects Outcome

I reflected on my state of mind. I could have sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate my fear. I could have asked Master to strengthen me. However, I had not realized that, due to my limited understanding of the Fa and limited enlightenment quality, I did not act correctly.

“Why are you so afraid?” I asked myself. “What are you afraid of? It's just making a phone call. If you don't know what to say, you can read the script. What's difficult about that? I'm a practitioner that will become a Buddha, a Dao, or a God. I am saving people. We're trying to save people who have been poisoned and controlled by evil beings. They are pitiable. We're the only hope they have. It's them who should be afraid, not us.” These thoughts helped me feel at ease. My heart was calm, and I continued making phone calls until I had dialed all of the numbers.

Yet, my fear returned again, but I did not give up. I know that Master is watching over us. As long as we have the wish and continue, Master will help us eliminate the fear and other obstacles. What we need is the heart to save people. We just need to move our hands or mouths. Actually, it is Master who saves people.

Making phone calls to save people is an opportunity provided by Master for Dafa disciples to establish mighty virtue. It also helps to let go of all sorts of human notions and elevate on our cultivation path.

One practitioner shared with us that making phone calls is just like wandering about in the world, where we come across all kinds of people. Sometimes, they mock us or even humiliate us. Through this process, our attachments would surface, and we can eliminate them.

Competitive Mentality at Issue

I came across a man who swore at me and ignored what I said to him. I felt angry and wanted to argue with him.

“Why are you swearing? Don’t you know that it is shameful?” I said. “Your attitude is really bad. What are you so angry about? Zhou Yongkang was much fiercer than you and he held a much higher position. But what happened to him? He's in prison because he has to pay for the karma now.”

That man stopped swearing, hung up shortly after, and did not pick up the phone again. I looked within myself and found that my competitive mentality was strong. How can I save people with this attachment? I must eliminate it. After this incident, when I make phone calls, I always bear in mind that I should let go of any competitive mentality.

Improvement on Both Sides

Then, a woman answered the phone who also kept cursing. She did not hang up the phone, but she just kept swearing. I was not affected.

“Madam, please stop swearing,” I said. “It doesn't do you any good if you're so angry. I'm making this phone call to tell you the true situation. It's for your own good. Why don’t you listen to me?”

She said, “You're harassing me. I hung up on you, but you call again and again.”

“I keep calling because you didn't listen to me clarifying the facts about Dafa to you,” I said. “You can only be saved when you are willing to listen to the truth. If you listen and let me finish, I will not call you again. There are over one billion people in China. They're all waiting to be saved. We really don’t have time to make harassment phone calls.”

She became silent, and I talked to her about Dafa. She no longer swore and listened. After I finished, I asked if she understood what I had said. Her attitude had completely changed. She told me that she understood and that I spoke well. Before I hung up, I told her to say “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good,” as these two sentences could benefit her. She thanked me.

After I hung up the phone, Master’s poem came to my mind:

“Compassion can harmonize Heaven and Earth, ushering in springRighteous thoughts can save the people in this world” (“The Fa Rectifies the Cosmos” from Hong Yin Vol. II)

I was so happy that not only another sentient being was saved, but my xinxing had also improved.

Our revered Master has arranged the cultivation journey for every disciple. His vast and mighty grace brings salvation to all.

Process of Elevating in Cultivation

While making phone calls on the platform, all sorts of human attachments of mine have come to the surface, such as fear, attachments to competition and comfort, the mentality of showing off, and so many more.

Whenever I found an attachment, I eliminated it. By doing this, I could rectify myself in Dafa. I felt that I improved quickly.

In the beginning, I could only read the script. Then, I could edit the script so that it would sound more natural. Now, I have my own script in mind. I can make changes according to whatever is needed. I have become eloquent and sharp-minded. What a great process for elevating on my cultivation path!

However, according to the strict standard of a cultivator, I am not good enough. I have been interfered with by human notions and different things at work and within my family. I have yet to try my very best to save people.

Master said in the latest Fa teaching:“For some there is still time left, and for some their only hope is to sprint.”(“Fa Teaching at the 2015 West Coast Fa Conference”)

Time is of the Essence

I know that I must begin to run, as time is of the essence. The old forces do not want us to be successful in our cultivation. They will use everything to interfere with us and make us busy to stop us from cultivating.

Now, there are many cases on the rescue platform. According to the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong (WOIPFG), the number of organ transplants in China has not decreased, but gone up. A patient may get an organ within a day after he/she is admitted to the hospital. Organs can be picked and purchased like vegetables at the market. One hospital can perform several organ transplants in one day. How many hospitals are there in China?

The RTC platform is short on manpower. Therefore, many cases cannot be dealt with through phone calls.

The practitioners in mainland China need the support of fellow practitioners overseas. With each extra practitioner involved, the field of righteous thoughts will be strengthened. We are saving people. It would be so meaningful if we could help our fellow practitioners in China create a favorable environment in which they can save more people. Therefore, I will spend more time making phone calls.

During my cultivation, I have tried hard to discard all sorts of attachments. It has not been an easy journey. Sometimes, I felt that I could not endure any longer. When I was in tears, I knew that it was not genuine endurance.

Cultivating Dafa is the most serious. When I looked back, I realized that the hardships that I had experienced were actually nothing. In the last moment of the Fa-rectification, I will follow Master's guidance and walk well the last leg of my path.

Thank you, Master!Thank you, fellow practitioners.

(Presented at the 2015 Singapore Falun Dafa Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference)