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Coordinators in Taiwan Gather for Experience Sharing

September 29, 2015 |   By Minghui correspondent Huang Yusheng

(Minghui.org) More than 200 volunteer coordinators of Falun Dafa activities across Taiwan attended an experience-sharing meeting on September 12 and 13. Organized by the Falun Dafa Association in Taiwan, this meeting at the Chientan Overseas Youth Activity Center in Taipei provided an opportunity for these practitioners to share cultivation experiences, especially those related to coordination issues.

Good Coordination

Meiying, who teaches at National Sun Yat-sen University in Kaohsiung, emphasized the importance of coordination between practitioners. One example was a tea party reception prior to the 2014 Shen Yun show. Despite different opinions and plans prior to the event, practitioners discussed them and reached an agreement.

“We worked well as a team with righteous thoughts. The reception went very well and many of our guests purchased Shen Yun tickets although it was still eight months away,” said Meiying.

Besides good collaboration among local practitioners, Meiying and her team helped Yunlin practitioners in West Taiwan for similar events. These practitioners in turn passed the experience on to Fengyuan. The overall outcome was very good.

In addition to volunteering for activities that tell people about Falun Gong, Meiying also spent lots of efforts doing her regular job well. When the university asked her to apply for a research grant of more than US $550,000, she completed it on time and with high quality. Although grants above US $30,000 usually receive critical review or request for additional materials, her application was approved unanimously by the 10-member review committee for the full amount.

Because this was the only application of this kind approved in Taiwan, university officials asked other faculty members to learn from Meiying on grant application. “There is no way we can compare with her,” one faculty member said, “Meiying is a Falun Gong practitioner and she has lots of positive energy.”

Looking Inward to Improve Xinxing

For Huifen from Taoyuan, solid cultivation is critical for everything a practitioner does. “That means we need to study the Fa well and look within during group discussion. That is, always think about things from a practitioner's perspective.”

Once she noticed herself having some negative thoughts towards others, as well as zealotry over projects she was involved in. When thinking deeper based on Fa-principles, she found these issues were caused by her attachment of pride. After she changed her mindset and increased the capacity of her heart, all these problems were resolved.

Attachment to Comfort

Shortly after Suqiu began to practice in 2003, she joined other practitioners in making phone calls to China to tell the people there the truth behind the persecution of Falun Gong. In the past five years, she has focused on going to tourists sites and talking to Chinese tourists about Falun Gong.

Recently, one sentence in Teacher's lecture often came to Suqiu's mind, “That is why it's said that always cultivating as if you were just starting will surely result in achieving your ultimate rank.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2009 Greater New York International Fa Conference”) When looking back on her situation several years ago, Suqiu found she has now become less diligent.

For example, she used to memorize and recite Zhuan Falun, but now she hardly finds time and energy for it; she used to get up very early for Fa-study, but now is unable to do so; she used to call China four hours a day and her apartment was often above 100 Fahrenheit, but now she is relieved to come home to an air-conditioned apartment after going out to the tourist sites.

Suqiu also found that she had begun spending more time on entertainment news and indulging in tasty cuisine. She realized that all these were related to her attachment to comfort and she was determined to do better.

Changing Ourselves and Have a Pure Mind

Guixiang from Kaohsiung often goes to shopping area and tells tourists as well as local residents about the persecution in China. But recently some pro-Communist residents often caused trouble, which made her very frustrated.

When discussing this with practitioners from Taipei and other areas, they calmly studied the Fa and tried to understand this from Fa principles. Guixiang realized that she should not simply resolve this with human notions; rather, she needed to change herself and really act according to Dafa principles.

As her mindset changed, Guixiang was no longer resentful of those who stirred up troubles and she instead became more positive. One time on a rainy day, someone with a umbrella came to harass her. Guixiang was not disturbed and she said from her heart, “Thanking for you blocking the rain for me.”

Stunned and embarrassed, that person said, “Sorry, I did not know Falun Gong practitioners are so easygoing.” Guixiang then continued explaining that practitioners came to the shopping area because Falun Gong had been severely persecuted in China and many Chinese people were mislead because of the defamatory propaganda.

Those people never came to harass again later on.

Another day after group exercises, Guixiang was on the way home and noticed some discomfort in her eyes. Then she thought about some recent conflicts between practitioners, and realized that the situation would be much more better if all practitioners could have a purer mind.

With that thought, the discomfort in her eyes disappeared.