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Miraculous Recovery from Kidney Cancer After Practicing Falun Dafa for 40 Days

September 13, 2015 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) My name is Ms. Run Xiang. I am 47 years old and live in Xilingol League, Inner Mongolia. I am excited to have completed my personal experience sharing article, after beginning Falun Dafa cultivation practice a few months ago. Below is my personal experience that I would like to share with everyone.

Cancerous cells were found on my right kidney five years ago, and I had surgery to remove them. I had breast cancer three years ago and my left breast was removed. Earlier this year, I went to Beijing for treatment of pericardial effusion and pleural effusion. The test results showed a swollen lump on the right kidney. The cancer cells had already spread.

The doctor said that I only had up to a year to live. I underwent chemotherapy to control the cancer and stop it from spreading.

The side effects of the drugs tortured me. I lost over 35 pounds, and became very thin. During the second hospital exam, the doctor found lesions on my lungs. After the second round of chemotherapy, I went to my elder sister's home to recover until the next treatment in Beijing.

My sister firmly believes in Falun Dafa, and said that only Dafa could save me. Immediately after the second round of chemotherapy, I knew that I didn't have many days to live. In desperation, I took her suggestion to heart and began practicing Falun Dafa.

She introduced me to Xiao He, a Dafa practitioner, on the evening of June 4, 2015. He was very kind. He spared some time and taught me how to do the exercises and study the Fa.

I was soon able to sleep on my back during the night. I had only been able to sleep in a sitting position for the past five months, due to the fluid accumulated in my body. I also stopped using the oxygen, which I had relied on for the prior six months.

Xiao He came again to teach me the exercises on June 6. The severe cough that had troubled me for several months now didn't bother me too much. This was really amazing!

In only one week, there was a huge change in my body – I had more energy. The shortness of breath stopped occurring while walking and going up stairs. My chest felt much better, and the tightness and suffocation stopped. I could talk to people in a normal way. My appetite improved, and the swelling in my legs, which occurred occasionally, also stopped. The most amazing thing was that new hair was growing after practicing Falun Dafa for only eleven days. My hair had fallen out earlier, due to the chemotherapy.

Within forty days of beginning cultivation practice, my body had totally changed. Nobody would have thought that I was close to death. With the miraculous changes that occurred, I decided to unplug the infusion tube that had been implanted in my body. I gave up the hospital treatment, and now genuinely practice Dafa.

I finally understood why since July 20, 1999, no matter how brutally the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has suppressed Falun Dafa, more people are coming to practice it.