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Virtuous Governance Led to Empty Prisons

September 01, 2015 |   By Wei Feng

(Minghui.org) Liu Kuang lived during the Southern and Northern Dynasties (420 – 589 AD) and the Sui Dynasty (581 – 619 AD). Liu served as governor of Pingxiang County, which is today's Hubei Province.

Liu would present sound reasoning when arbitrating lawsuits. He would help both parties, persuading them to reach a consensus, and emphasized fairness and justice without pinning blame on people. Thus, those who were involved in litigation would reach a settlement by reflecting on their own shortfalls.

Liu used his entire income for disaster relief and helping the poor. County residents were moved by his virtuous governance and moral persuasion. They reminded each other, “Given such an exemplary official, how could we do anything undeserving?”

During his seven years of governance, local conditions improved significantly. No more lawsuits were filed in the county. The prison was vacant. Wilderness returned to the prison courtyard. One could cast a net to catch birds that flocked there.

When Liu's tenure ended, subordinates and villagers, regardless of age, shed tears seeing him off. They escorted him for over a hundred miles.