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Two Men with Advanced Cancer Experience Remarkable Recoveries

August 26, 2015 |  


Dafa Brought Me Back to Life

I was employed as a crewman on a ship. One day in 2007, I saw blood in my urine, and hospital tests indicated I had bladder cancer. Fortunately, it was in an early stage and I was treated with surgery.

Surgery was followed by chemotherapy and plenty of rest. I was then given a clean bill of health, so I returned to work on the ship.

My mother had been practicing Falun Dafa for many years. After I was diagnosed with cancer, she encouraged me many times to learn Falun Dafa. I thought I was now healed and was not interested. My doctor said that if the cancer did not return in three years, I would be considered completely healed.

For the next three years, all my check-ups were good. I thought I was out of danger.

At the end of the fourth year in November 2011, I went for my usual, routine check-up. The results shocked me: Not only had the bladder cancer returned, it had spread to my lymph system. The lymphoma was already at an advanced stage, so surgery would be no help.

I went for a second opinion at a highly respected hospital in Beijing.Their prognosis was the same. The doctors said no treatment would help and sent me home.

Back in my hometown, I went to the local hospital for radiation and chemotherapy. It cost me more than 100,000 yuan, which was all of my savings. I became extremely weak, and, due to my weakened immune system, I had frequent fevers.

During this time, my mother continued to encourage me to practice Falun Dafa. She said that only Dafa's Master could help me now. I had nothing to lose, so I agreed to give it a try.

Following my mother's suggestion, I stopped chemotherapy. I carefully read the book Zhuan Falun from beginning to end, and, in time, I began to feel stronger. Then I stopped taking all medications, and I started to study the Fa and do the exercises with my mother.

My health kept improving. Two years later, I was completely healed and able to go back to work on the ship.

Everyone who knew me said it was a miracle.

When it looked like my life was over, Dafa brought me back. I was so fortunate to make the right choice. I am so grateful to Master's mercy.

Recovery from Advanced Stomach Cancer

A man named Wen, in his 50s, worked in a restaurant in Benxi City. Wen started feeling sick in April 2013. He had stomach pain and bloody stools and sometimes passed out.

Wen lived alone and couldn't afford to go to the hospital, so he just took some medicine for his stomach.

However, his condition did not improve, and three months later he was too weak to go to work.

His family found out how bad he was feeling and took him to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with advanced stomach cancer, along with degeneration of the spine, kidney stones, and rheumatoid arthritis. Doctors told him there was no cure.

After returning home, Wen's hands and feet were swollen. He could not take care of himself and was totally incapacitated.

Wen's mother, a Falun Dafa practitioner, moved in with Wen to take care of him. She told him that Dafa might be his only hope.

Wen used to read Dafa materials often and he believed in Dafa. However, he did not believe he was worthy of the practice.

Finally, he spoke to Dafa's Master in his heart. "Master, if you will have me, please save me!”

Thus, Wen started to practice Falun Dafa. Every day his mother read him Zhuan Falun, and in the evenings, they listened to Master's audio lectures together.

Just one week later, Wen could sit up.

Three months later, the results of a hospital check-up indicated that Wen no longer had stomach cancer. Even the rheumatoid arthritis he'd had for 30 years was cured.

Wen's recovery stunned all his friends and relatives. They no longer believed in the Chinese communist regime's slander about Falun Dafa.