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A Post Office Clerk Changes Her Mind about Mailing Lawsuits Against Jiang Zemin for Practitioners

July 07, 2015 |   By a practitioner from Hunan Province, China

(Minghui.org) Thousands of Falun Gong practitioners have filed lawsuits against Jiang Zemin—the former head of the Chinese Communist regime.

One of our local practitioners went to the post office to mail his complaint on the morning of June 20, 2015. However, when the clerk saw the letters were addressed to the Supreme Procuratorate and the Supreme Court, she scowled.

“No way,” she said, and walked away.

When our local coordinator heard this, he called several practitioners so they could send righteous thoughts together.

Then he went to the same post office and struck up a pleasant conversation with the clerk, eventually telling her about Falun Gong and the persecution.

The clerk became more and more interested. When the practitioner was done talking, the clerk quickly handed him several EMS forms for mailing the lawsuits.

When the initial practitioner returned to the post office the following afternoon, the clerk was pleasant and helpful.

Cooperate and Ascend as One Body

The persecution was severe in our local area. Many of our local practitioners are senior citizens, quite a few of whom cannot read or write. When practitioners from all over China started to file criminal complaints in May, our local seniors were distressed because they could not write. But after some complaints got published, we got an idea.

Filing complaints involves collecting evidence, typing, editing, formatting, printing, and mailing. So we worked together to help each other. We filed over 30 complaints in less than a month.

Some practitioners are still in the process of filing their complaints, and some are still in the initial stages of preparation. Even those who have remained silent after being persecuted are writing their complaints using their real names.

Practitioners all agree that filing the lawsuits against Jiang is a process of giving up attachments—especially fear. We have gone from not knowing how to write or file a complaint, to having it written and sent by working together and ascending together as one body.

Filing complaints this way is not difficult.

We thank Master for giving us this chance.