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A Blacksmith's Amazing Experiences

July 24, 2015 |   By a practitioner from Henan Province, China

(Minghui.org) I can make all kinds of tools from iron, such as chisels, hooks, axes, sickles, knives, and hammers. I deal with iron and fire all day long and can get injured easily. However, with the Fa within me, I only do better and better work while minding all the details.

Hot Piece of Iron Didn't Harm Me

I was working on a punch tool when a piece of the hot iron the size of a watermelon seed fell on my arm. I felt a sharp pain when the piece melted through my skin and sliced into my arm. However, I was not afraid, because my immediate thought was that the founder of Falun Gong, who practitioners call “Master Li,” protects me.

After a while, the wound oozed, and I told myself that Master was cleansing my body. I noticed a small scab after two days, and after a few days, even the scar disappeared.

Do not underestimate the damage a piece of iron the size of a watermelon seed can do. When it hits the flesh, it is like a bullet and burns the surrounding flesh.

Before I started practicing Falun Gong, pieces of iron like that landed on my thigh and lower chest. The piece on my chest had to be surgically removed, but the piece on my thigh could not be removed because the doctor was afraid of added nerve damage. But after I started to practice Falun Gong, that piece disappeared.

Surviving an Accident

After a heavy snow, I wanted to shovel the snow off the roof of the cottage. The cottage is connected to a two story building, so I put a ladder against the brick wall. I tried to climb over the wall to get onto the roof, but the wall was old and not anchored to the pillars on either side.

Maybe I pushed a little harder than usual, but the wall was crumbly and the ladder slipped to one side. I fell flat on the ground. Before I could move, bricks fell on top of me.

Later, my wife told me that she saw what had happened. She ran over to get the bricks off me and called for help. Our neighbors came and everyone was worried. They must have thought that I was too old to survive such an accident.

I came to after about half-an-hour and asked what was going on. Everyone was amazed and said it was incredible that I was still alive after falling down from the second floor and being hit by falling brick.

Task Not Complete

It seemed that my wife suddenly died. My neighbor hurried to tell our daughter who was working nearby.

“You can't leave us like this,” I said to my wife. “We need to let more people know about Falun Gong; our job isn't done yet.”

Our daughter arrived and called out to her mother for an hour, but she didn't move.

None of our neighbors believed that my wife would wake up. But we still kept calling. Everyone left, as they felt no need to stay around.

“Your task is not yet complete--you can't go like this,” my daughter said. Then she scratched the soles of her mother's feet, and my wife moved her foot. My daughter thought she was coming back to life, so she kept calling. After a while, my wife asked her why she was calling for her.

After my wife woke up, she did not recognize anyone for about a week, and it took two weeks before she understood what took place.