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New Practitioner: Falun Dafa Purified My Heart

June 27, 2015 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) I am a new Falun Dafa practitioner. Even though I've only cultivated for two years, I have experienced the beauty of cultivation and the elevation of my xinxing.

How I Became a Practitioner

My sister used to have severe heart disease. She tried all sorts of treatments, but without much improvement. She miraculously recovered after she began practicing Falun Dafa.

She brought me a copy of Zhuan Falun and information about the practice. I read the book now and then, but did not practice because the persecution was very intense at that time.

Six years later, my sister gave me an MP3 player with the Falun Dafa lectures on it. I listened to it often.

I finally began to practice Dafa in 2012. My health improved a great deal. I used to have neck pain, heart disease, motion sickness, and allergies. But all these ailments are now gone!

In addition to health improvements, I made great progress with my xinxing. With Dafa's help, I resolved a problem that had bothered me for years.

A Lost Necklace Finally Returned

Before I retired, I found a part time job as a custodian to supplement my meager salary. One day when I was cleaning, I found a gold necklace.

I thought to myself, "If someone asks me about it I'll return it. If not, I'll take it home." Nobody asked me about the necklace that morning, so I took it home on my lunch break.

Later that afternoon, someone asked me if I had seen a necklace. What a dilemma! I really wanted to return the necklace, but I'd already taken it home. I was afraid that she would misunderstand me since I did not have it on me, and I was also afraid it would hurt my reputation and my job, so I lied and said I hadn't seen it. I could not sleep that night.

I called my sister the next day and asked her what to do. She told me to return the necklace and apologize to the owner.

But I was afraid--afraid that the owner would look down on me, afraid that co-workers would think that I was greedy, afraid my company would fire me. So I did not return necklace. And it weighed on my heart for years.

After I began cultivating Falun Dafa, I felt truly sorry for what I did those many years before. I told myself that I had to return the necklace.

I went to look for the owner, but she had already retired, and I did not know how to contact her.

I knew the company sent out greeting cards and gifts to former employees on holidays, so I wrote a letter and tucked the necklace into it and asked the office staff to deliver it along with the gifts.

My sister was delighted to learn that I did the right thing. She helped me verify that the owner had received the necklace with a follow-up call. The owner told my sister to thank me. The weight on my heart was finally lifted!

It is Dafa that taught me how to be a good person and rectified my behavior. It is Dafa that purified my heart and soul!