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Stubborn Coworker and His Whole Family Start Practicing Falun Dafa

May 03, 2015 |   By a Falun Gong practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) I was friends with the mother-in-law of one of my coworkers. She had a good opinion of Falun Dafa, while her son-in-law, influenced by to the Chinese Communist Party propaganda, seemed to have a personal vendetta against the practice.

He accepted the lies about the peaceful practice as absolute truth and would not hear another word about it.

“He's a lost cause,” said his mother-in-law one day. “Divine beings could show up on his doorstep and he still wouldn't change. It's not your fault.”

“But I don't need divine beings,” I thought. “I have Master (the founder of Falun Dafa). With Master's help, a miracle will happen. I don't care how cold he appears to be; he's going to melt.”

A Rough Start

I live in our company's housing complex along with my coworkers and their families. Right after I was released from prison in 2003, my employer was ordered to suspend my salary because I refused to give up my belief in Falun Dafa.

To eke out a living, I began selling shoes and socks from a booth right outside the complex. Things weren't too bad, plus it was opportunity to tell more people about how I was persecuted and about Falun Dafa.

Sometimes, the stubborn coworker I mentioned would pass by, and I'd start up a conversation. But he shut down at the slightest mention of Dafa and would not read any brochures.

Once he said, “I believe in nothing but the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) because it gives me a paycheck. You've been arrested twice and have no paycheck. Just stop it.”

Actually, he was concerned about my safety.

Another time he stopped and said in a voice just above a whisper, “If you think Falun Dafa is good, just practice it at home. Don't tell everyone else about it! If you do, you might be arrested again. The police station is just around the corner and police cars pass by every day. Be careful!”

I told him that I did what I did because it saddened me to see innocent people deceived by the CCP. I didn't want innocent people to have to pay for the acts of a callous organization.

Despite his indifference, I would try to change his mind whenever I saw him. I even went to his house to visit a couple of times.

He sometimes threatened me, saying that he was going to report me to the police. I stayed calm and tried again a couple of days later.

This was how things went until one day I asked him if he had ever heard of me lying. He said that no, that I was an honest person.

I told him that I wasn't lying about Falun Dafa, either. He then agreed to take his first informational pamphlet. Later, he read the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party.

His wife had a severe case of rheumatoid arthritis, which had left her hands and feet deformed. She had a difficult time sleeping at night because of the pain. Extended hospital stays didn't seem to help, even though they spent most of their income on hospital bills.

He, as the husband, had to do all the housework himself. On top of that, he was in charge of taking care of his 80-year-old mother-in-law and baby grandson.

He was suffering, and it was painful to watch him run between home, the hospital, and work, day in and day out. I silently hoped that he would change his notions. I prayed to Master for help, to have him and his wife obtain the Fa.

One day I told him about Zhuan Falun, the main teaching of Falun Dafa.

“Zhuan Falun is a heavenly book. My master has come to save all sentient beings. If you read it, Master will cleanse your body until you are healthy again. You will benefit as long as you read it calmly and with no preconceived notions,” I said.

I also told him why I refused to give up the practice.

“You know why I kept saying 'Falun Dafa is good' even as I was being handcuffed and arrested? Because it is the universal law. It's the Buddha Fa and is being practiced in over 100 countries around the world.”

He then asked me for Zhuan Falun. I reminded him to cherish it and to read it every day.

A Miracle

About a month later, this coworker came up to me.

“Now I understand you!” he said. “My shoulders! My shoulders were fine by page 26. Nothing could be done for my aching shoulders for over ten years – no doctor, no medicine helped. This is a miracle! Help me quit the CCP immediately, and use my real name!”

I then gave him a copy of the exercise video.

“If you follow the instructions on the DVD, the exercises will greatly improve your health. I can help you get the movements right when I have time.”

In less than a week, he came to me again.

“Look at my arms! They are all right now – my arms have been sore for decades! Nothing helped! This practice is truly miraculous. I am forever indebted to Master Li.”

Since then, he has read Zhuan Falun and done the five exercises every day. He often goes to the park to tell people about his experience with Falun Dafa. He has helped many people understand the facts about Falun Gong and quit the CCP.

A Family Event

His wife witnessed his improvements and began practicing Falun Dafa after getting out of the hospital. His two sons, two daughters-in-law, grandson, and granddaughter also took up the practice after seeing him regain his health.

His mother-in-law fractured her femur at age 89 and was in the hospital for 8 days. Doctors said she had to go under the knife, at a cost of 40,000-50,000 yuan.

She asked to be checked out immediately.

She returned home and watched Master's Fa-lecture DVDs every day. Three months later, she recovered completely. She wowed her doctors and was completely healthy afterwards.