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Different Standpoints Result in Different Outcomes Amidst Natural Disasters

May 27, 2015 |   By a practitioner in Japan

(Minghui.org) There was an earthquake in Japan in March 2011. I was going about my daily activities at home, when the tremor shook my entire house. I was like a small boat on rough waters, unable to keep steady. Things started falling. I held onto my computer and tried hard not to fall down.

My first thought was: “I am a Dafa disciple, the Fa and Master are here,“The Fa rectifies the cosmos, the evil is completely eliminated,” I sent forth righteous thoughts. I started reciting Lunyu and felt calm with no fear. The earthquake stopped after a few minutes, but the tremors continued. The house was still shaking, although it was not as intense.

My family members were surprised at how calm I was while everybody else fled in panic. I felt satisfied that I was not moved and that I passed the test pretty well. Then, the electricity went out. The radio announced that there was a mass blackout due to the earthquake.

Another practitioner called me that evening, saying that she wanted to bring me something. I thought it was strange that she wanted to drive during the blackout. The traffic lights were not even working!

She told me that her area was fine. There was no blackout, all the traffic lights were working, and there wasn't even any broken glass. It was as if there was no earthquake. I was shocked. Her house was only 10 minutes away from mine. She should have been affected by the blackout, but she was not.

When the earthquake hit, this practitioner immediately sat in front of Master’s photo and started sending forth righteous thoughts. She begged Master to protect sentient beings, and not allow the old forces to harm them. Her area was peaceful without any damage.

I saw the gaps between us. Dafa disciples' different thoughts bring about different results.

Different Thoughts, Different Results

My first thought was that “I” was not afraid, “I” have Master, and “I” was not moved. Although there were no casualties, there was a big blackout. My first thoughts were on how to take the Fa as the teacher for myself, how to pass this test myself and elevate myself — I did not put sentient beings first. I saw things from the perspective of my personal cultivation.

The fellow practitioner's first thoughts were to protect sentient beings with righteous thoughts and negate the old forces’ arrangements, to believe in the Fa and Master. She thought of others first, thus fulfilling the new cosmos’ Fa standard of being completely selfless. Hence, she was not interfered with and could continue with her Dafa work on her computer.

My family members went to bed early due to the blackout, but I did not want to sleep. I searched my every thought and dug out the reasons behind them and found my fundamental attachment of selfishness. Different standpoints bring about different results.

Due to the blackout, my Dafa work was interrupted. While other practitioners were grabbing every second to save sentient beings, I could not do anything – wasn’t this what the old forces wanted? I had to negate all arrangements of the old forces. When I understood this, I was jolted as if many things in my body were being unlocked.

I sent forth righteous thoughts for a long time to negate the old forces’ arrangements and to protect sentient beings. I changed my starting point. When I had a strong desire to protect others, merciful Master started to strengthen me, and my righteous thoughts grew very strong. My energy field became increasingly stronger and I could feel that there was an intense battle between good and evil in other dimensions.

After half an hour, my righteous thoughts were at their peak. I felt that the evil was being disintegrated and I heard a loud sound of “Pa!” by my window. I jumped in shock, and the lights came on! I then understood the great magnificence of the Buddha Fa.

The next day, my family members and neighbors were remarking about how the lights came on suddenly, after they had been told to prepare for a long blackout. I then understood how Dafa disciples could protect sentient beings and cut losses with righteous thoughts.

After this incident I realized the urgency for awakening people. Natural disasters come without warning and are tests for Dafa disciples. As cultivators, only by changing our standpoint and putting others first, can we negate the old forces’ arrangements.