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Practitioners in Sydney Full of Gratitude on World Falun Dafa Day

May 18, 2015 |   By Minghui correspondent in Sydney

(Minghui.or) Celebrations in honor of World Falun Dafa Day May 13 have been taking place across the globe throughout the month of May. This year's events mark the 23rd year of the practice's public introduction as well as the birthday of Master Li Hongzhi, founder of the practice.

During the World Falun Dafa Day celebration in Sydney, several practitioners shared their own experiences in the practice—how they improved and how they benefited from the practice.

New Practitioner: Meaningful Life

Twenty-three-year-old Li Ye had been pursuing the meaning of life and thought about existence of Buddhas, until one day, a friend he met on the Internet told him about Falun Dafa. Li Ye then began reading Falun Dafa books and found answers to his many questions. He believed this was what he had been waiting for.

Li Ye was later admitted to a Master's degree program at the University of Technology, Sydney. He strove to always follow Falun Dafa's principles of Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance, and proved himself hardworking and trustworthy at his part-time job in a bakery. The owner of the bakery asked him to manage the bakery.

Li Ye said, “Just like what is said in Zhuan Falun, when I cultivate myself well, I gained without pursuing anything. Everything turns well when I put others before of myself. I used to be so lost before cultivation. Now I live a very fulfilled life with my school, work, cultivation and truth-clarification projects all in good balance.”

Senior Practitioner: Reputable in Business Because of Falun Dafa Practice

Simon, a successful Chinese Australian entrepreneur, started practicing Falun Dafa in the 1990s. He followed Falun Dafa's principles in his daily life and work, and established a great reputation in his field. Simon said, “Cultivation in Falun Dafa gives me a good energy field and an open personality. Many people said they enjoyed working with me. They know I'm honest and reliable. It's because we cultivators follow Falun Dafa's principles. When I started doing business with new clients, I didn't mention that I practiced Falun Dafa. After a while, they would often ask, 'What makes you so nice?' I would then explain that it was because of my practice of Falun Dafa.”

Practitioner from China: Honored to Freely Celebrate Falun Dafa

Ms. Zhuang, who recently came from China, attended the celebration for the first time. She told the reporter in tears, “I'm so excited today to see so many people celebrating World Falun Dafa Day and Master's birthday! I feel honored to be part of the celebration. When I was in China, I would buy a birthday cake on Master's birthday every year. Now I can be part of the celebration around the world! I have to cultivate myself well. It's the best way to pay for Master's grace.”

Australian Practitioners: Calm and Kind Amidst Adversity

Australian practitioner Daniel is a senior project officer for the state government. He has been practicing Falun Gong for seven years. He felt very fortunate and grateful for Master Li's introduction of Falun Gong to the public, which gave him better health and inner peace. He said that his colleagues often found it amazing that he could stay so calm under pressure.

Caroline, a Chinese-Australian, grew up in Australia. Caroline's family had suffered in the Chinese Cultural Revolution. Recounting her experience with fellow practitioners during her visit to Beijing in 1997, Caroline said, “I will never forget the pure compassion and sincerity in my Chinese fellow practitioners. It was so remarkable considering the dreadful state of society in mainland China. The experience is unforgettable! It inspired me to follow their example.”

Former Qigong Master: Falun Dafa Is Indeed a Righteous Way

Mr. Luo Minqiang used to be a Qigong Master of another school before he learned Falun Gong. He said, “After comparing different schools of cultivation, I realized Falun Gong is indeed a righteous way of cultivation. After cultivation in Falun Gong, I let go of arrogance, complacency and other attachments. My friends noticed my change and said I was more willing to help others. My old stomach problem was gone. I used to stay away from cold food. Now it doesn't matter if I eat food cold, hot, or at any time. I can even eat ice cream!” he said.

He continued, “Falun Gong practitioners of different countries and races celebrate Master's birthday and World Falun Dafa together today. We have gained so much from Dafa. We are grateful for all Master has done for us from the bottom of our hearts. I hope those people who don't know much about Falun Gong will learn about Falun Gong and benefit from it, too.”