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Even Those Who Do Not Practice Dafa Benefit from It

April 12, 2015 |  

(Minghui.org) Not everyone that believes that Falun Dafa is good is a practitioner, but they have benefited from the practice because of their positive attitude about it.

Recovering from a Life-Threatening Illness

(Heilongjiang Province) My sister, 61, lives in Laolai Town, Nahe City, Heilongjiang Province.

She fell out of bed in July 2014, and her family took her to the Nahe People's Hospital. Her pelvis was fractured, and she ended up with a lung inflammation and heart failure. Her family was told she couldn't be cured, and the hospital refused to treat her.

Her family then took her to a folk healer, who said that she was at death's door.

Our brother, who practices Falun Dafa, asked her to sincerely recite the two phrases “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.”

I played the recording of Teacher Li Hongzhi teaching the Fa in Guangzhou for her. She listened intently to the recording and sincerely recited the two phrases.

After about four days, she got out of bed and went for a walk. She is now fully recovered and has begun to practice Dafa.

Our brother knew that reciting “Falun Dafa is good” could help our sister. He was diagnosed with bleeding in the brain years ago. When I asked him to recite the two phrases, he did, sincerely. He, too, recovered and became a Dafa practitioner.

Unhurt after a Fall from the Sixth Floor

(Beian, Heilongjiang Province) My sister, a construction worker who installs scaffolds, is not a practitioner, but she believes that Dafa is good.

A few months ago she was on the sixth-floor level of the scaffold when the piece she stepped on broke. As she fell, she rolled over and then landed on a pile of iron pipe.

There was a ditch in front of the pile, which she would have fallen into if she hadn't rolled over in mid-air. She said that had someone had "pushed her away" from the ditch. She felt that she fell very slowly, but eyewitnesses said it happened quickly.

Although her co-workers insisted that she go to the hospital, she was uninjured except for a few bruises.