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Young Practitioners: Be Wary of Popular Entertainment

March 28, 2015 |   By a practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) People today are easily influenced by the latest trends in society. So producers of television and film include a lot of nudity, demonic notions, and violence to satisfy their audience’s cravings and desires.

These negative elements can interfere with our cultivation.

Bad Habits Formed before Cultivation

Before I became a Falun Gong practitioner, I enjoyed watching superhero films and television shows, and I therefore developed many fantastical notions.

But Master said in Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Europe:

“Having seen many movies, having read many imaginative stories, and having been influenced by a lot of things in society, people have developed a warped mindset that indulges in fantasy.”

Back then I thought that, since Master did not prohibit us from watching, I could just watch less. Because of this loophole, I was tripped up by obstacles in my cultivation.

At the beginning, since I had developed the habit of looking at pornography before I became a cultivator, my body was very weak. Master then compassionately helped to purify my body and took away the fatigue and lethargy. Through cultivation, I stopped swearing and talking about bad things.

However, for a long time, I still visited those bad websites occasionally. I felt very ashamed that I had let down Master and the sentient beings depending on me. Every few days I would indulge my fantasies.

At first I thought that I could eliminate them with stronger willpower, but that did not work. Seeing that my dire situation was dire, Master compassionately reminded me, and I realized that those fantasies were a result of watching films and television. Because of them, I was pulled down into the abyss of lust. I decided to put more effort into my determination to stop watching superhero movies.

Eliminating the Attachment to Film and TV

The process of eliminating the attachment to film and TV was full of ups and downs. Every time I swore to Master that I would give up my bad habits, my heart would feel pure for many days.

However, while at university, I would use loneliness and boredom as excuses and let myself go, searching for superhero movies on the Internet. Every time I watched them, it felt like there was a layer of glue in my head and the notions of lust would take over. This was also an important reason for me not giving up the habit of surfing pornographic websites.

Perhaps another reason for watching superhero movies was to do with the pursuit of fame. Because I could not get rid of my lust, my karma was greater. At work I ran into many problems, which lowered my self-esteem.

I did not cultivate by following the Fa. Instead I focused my attention on the fantasy world, imagining myself to be some kind of hero, obtaining the fame and romance that ordinary people desire. Those films and TV programs were the source of my fantasies.

After tripping over many obstacles, I understood why Master did not explicitly prohibit certain things in his lectures. It was to allow disciples to gain insights on their own. I understood that this was why Dafa disciples would watch TV and films, or why the notions in these shows are in accordance with certain attachments, inflating them.

As Dafa disciples, if it has nothing to do with our tasks, we really should not watch these ordinary people’s programs. Instead, why not read something traditional and wholesome or listen to and watch Dafa disciples’ creations, rather than immerse ourselves in ordinary people’s entertainment? Actually, if we have free time, is it not better to study the Fa?

This is my personal understanding for sharing with fellow practitioners. If it is incorrect, please kindly point it out.