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A Seven-Day Journey to Heaven from Hell

March 25, 2015 |   By Qingxin, a Falun Dafa Practitioner in Liaoning Province, China

(Minghui.org) I'm a Falun Dafa practitioner in Liaoning Province, China. I would like to share how Falun Dafa saved me when I needed it most.

The darkest day of my life was July 28, 2010, when my doctor told me I wouldn't live more than 100 days. I had advanced ovarian cancer. Even though I had seen all the renowned specialists I could possibly find, I was told that no medical treatment could save me.

Chemotherapy had caused all of my hair to fall out. After surgery to remove a tumor, another tumor the size of an egg had emerged. I had repeated heart attacks. I could see the shadow of death lingering around me and attempting to take me away. Fear and desperation filled my heart. I hoped for a miracle.

On August 20, my sister braved a torrential storm to bring me the book Zhuan Falun as I lay in my hospital bed. The moment I grasped book in my pale hands was the turning point in my life. My condition improved continuously as I read the book. One morning seven days later, I was well enough to read the book for an half hour while sitting up. I then got off my bed and walked to the door easily.

Around 3:30 pm the same day, I started having a high fever. The doctors could not explain why. I also experienced terrible pain all over my body. I was rushed to the emergency room again, and put on intravenous drips until 8 pm. But my temperature continued rising, and I started having diarrhea. My friend asked me, “Is it because you read the book?” I called my sister. She rushed to the hospital in the rain, and told me, “Master is cleansing your body.” I said, “Thank you, Master!” I knelt down on the bed and bowed in deep respect.

The next morning, my doctor showed up with new lab test results. He asked me, “What kind of elixir of life have you taken? Your tumor is gone! All your lab tests turned out normal! You are healthy now!” All the noise in the room stopped. Everyone looked at me.

“I read Zhuan Falun for only seven days.” I replied. The people who heard me widened their eyes in shock. My doctor kept saying, “It's a miracle!” My friend clapped her hands happily and said, “Falun Gong is really great!”

I couldn't stop my tears from flowing. After a great deal of time had passed, all I could say was, “Let me go home and follow Master.”

In just seven days, I had experienced a journey from hell to the path to heaven. It was only 168 hours. Falun Gong saved me as my life was slipping away. I don't know exactly how, but compassionate Master cleansed my body, lifted me out of hell, eliminated my karma, and gave me a new life!

News of the miracle spread among all the people who know me and even those who don't. Seeing how healthy and happy I have become, everyone can't stop praising Falun Gong: “Falun Gong is truly great!”